Friday, 31 May 2013


OK, I admit it, I wasn't really back. Believe me I wish I had been! But my last exam - my French took up all my time. I never ever want to see a conjugate verb or a pronoun in French again..... well at least not for a little while. But I've done it. Finished school. Finished putting up with crap from bitches and nosy bossy teachers. Finished exams/revising (well for a year). Finished working!

Eh no. Unfortunately I have not finished working as because from half 3 on Wednesday I was flung straight into my job at my aunty's restaurant. And hell were we busy. Apparently people have nothing better than to travel to the middle of nowhere, stare at a beautiful view (see below) eat delicious seafood and homemade cakes, visit the castle and the beach....... I mean what's wrong with them?!?!?
So yes, we've been very busy in our cafe and I haven't had a chance to sit down, apart from tonight when I rode my horse for the first time in five days (she went crazy!). And trust me, that wasn't great as I had just had a Hepatitis B injection in preparation for my trip to Zambia. They really REALLY hurt!

So it is now 00.18 in Scotland, I'm sitting in my bed, with Zach Sobiech and Sammy Brown playing (I'll talk about them another day) my brother snoring next door, no dog as she's just had puppies (eek I know.... photos later I promise!) Anyway so despite my long arduous day I am cutting into my precious much needed hours of sleep to give you, yes you all, a review on a book. A book I was meant to review a good month or so ago but here it is now, just for you'se!

Sleep well, I won't (at least not yet!)
Grumbling frazzled Girl X

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