About Me

I'm a Teenager (I'd have hoped you'd guess that by the title) who has a pretty normal but awesome life, who reads a ridiculously sad amount of books, had her fair share of drama, and tries to live her life to the sticky messy full!

Being a Teenager you feel like you're up against the world with no-one beside you...... hence the 'Just This' (also the 'Just One' and the 'This' Teenager titles had all been stolen.... drat you similarly thinking teenagers.... but let's not dwell on that cos I feel like I'm being quite deep imagining myself up against the world)

I'm 19...

I'm Scottish (och, haggis, porridge, red hair, Brave, kilts); all those connotations that spring to mind really don't apply to me..... I have brown hair, I detest porridge unless its Ready Brek darn that stuff is good, and only occasionally say 'ach' when there's no true Scotsman around cos otherwise I feel like a pretender, haggis is good just don't think about what its made of, Brave is amazing but unfortunately I can't shoot an arrow straight... or at all, kilts are only for guys and are only cool if a fit guy wears them - than you have to hope he's following the Scottish tradition......

I'm a bit of a nerd..... though have to put it out there for any American (through my knowledge, from books (so properly completely misguided but I think you guys seem to love it) have never watched Star Wars or Lord of the Rings..... I love Harry Potter though... hope it makes up for it :)

I have a pony who is the sweetest thing, is a champion show pony, a fantastic jumper and only 6!

I have a German Short Haired Pointer X (a dog) who is mental but is always pleased to see me and nearly always kills me when I get home...... she is like a large black bundle of Flubber and bounces around the house....

I am scared of cars, I've just started driving..... I have a car called Bertie who I share with my gran.....

I study Ancient History at university and have become heavily involved in theatre, woo stage, and gossiping with friends..

I love chocolate, duvets and apples.....

I'm not afraid to embrace who I am, most physically and inside (oh yeah I'm deep!)....

I like strawberry milkshake lots....

I like watching scary movies with cute guys... don't all girls??

I love people.... I'm a bit like a little puppy, always wanting attention and love... Some might call me high maintenance (my mother) but I completely disagree, I just like things done, and them done now!

there's a little information on me!
Small Scottish lass!


  1. What about chips in strawberry milkshake? Ever tried??

    1. I can say I have.... Can't say I liked it though! I do however love apple and chocolate sauce! Try it before you harsh on it! :D X

  2. I will definitely be catching up on some of your post! You seem awesome! And I'm 17 as well :3


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