Monday, 17 December 2012

Computers! Argh!

Right, don't get me wrong - I love my laptop but they can be so darn annoying! I'm sitting right now trying to get my 'Windows Security Service Center' (whatever that is - but it sounds dead important and necessary) to work as for the past few months it has been TURNED OFF..... the HORROR! I have no idea how to turn it on, as I keep getting a stupid error button and the little Postman Pat Windows Fix It man is NOT fixing it!

I want my laptop to run dead smoothly but alas I am really a technophobe and have no idea how to work anything on it - I don't see why it can't be straight forward and why things can't actually work like they're supposed to! Damn technology that is so needed in our life to connect us to the outer world!

And it annoys me to think of all those people making tonnes of money at Microsoft when their ruddy stuff doesn't work and is not 'simple' or easy to walk through. Hah! Gawd I've just noticed I have real difficulty putting the right there, their or they're in at the right place! I've had to change half of the there's to their and vice versa! Ahh! No Tabby water spray DO NOT get distracted!

Anyway yes computer technology has really annoyed me today and I feel really on edge as I'm typing this whilst knowing my computer is still messed up - so ANNOYING!!!

However I have admitted defeat and am going to phone The Flying Pigs Lady who is a computer whiz in these parts.... By the way here in Scotland flying pigs are the way to travel, whilst wearing kilts with no undies!

Scottie out X

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