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Hey, Here's a quick glance at how I review my books and how my ratings work:

My reviews are all based on my own opinion and will feature a wide range of books - I read all sorts though at the moment I'm pretty fixated on YA novels being a teenager, a hopeless romantic, and all! Around 50% of the books I read are bought with my own money but some are from publishers who do kindly put their trust in little old me to write decent honest reviews of books which I then try to do. In all my reviews you should find ratings out of 5, as well as the price on at that time, and also the publishers of the book. I put in the publishers as I did a bit of work experience at a publishing house and readers just don't realise the amount of effort these guys put into getting decent books out to us. Also if you know where the book has come from you can usually go on to the publishing house's website and find similar books by new authors!! Bonus!
My reviews are also posted on Amazon, Goodreads and Waterstones under the name smithjamest

Skinny by Donna Cooner made me seriously re-think all my ratings for this blog, because it is definitely worth the top mark I can give it perhaps more so than some of the other books that got a 5. I conclude I shall create a new top rating even higher than the 5 and it shall be called the Skinny rate...... (a 5.5 - 6 in technical terms!) So :

*SWMLT* Sealed with My Loving Tears is a subrating for books that made me cry, they're emotionally straining and just... worth the read.

The Skinny rating (5.5 - 6) - ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, this book has it all; it'll make you laugh, cry and sigh. It's a bar above the 5's and is likely to be epic, a total one-off, not to be missed!

5 - Fricking awesome! Go get!! One that I would definitely re-read and re-read (for example all 7 Harry Potters are a 5 and are on my re-read shelf and will be FOREVER)

4 - Pretty good. One I'll probably re-read, likely to be one of the books that you really liked but there was one horrible character or annoying end. 4's are one's that missed a 5 by an inch but you'll re-read it again, find something new you love in it, and  want to bump it up to a 5.

3 - Good, worth the read but probably out a library. The only time I'd buy a 3 again is if it is part of a series and you feel sure that the rest of them'll improve. I mean a series book could get a 3 because it ended too abruptly and not smoothly enough to allow you to have a break, instead you had to go out and buy the next one straight away, meaning you miss some really important bits because the plot's moving too fast. Often a series '3' books would need a re-read after you've finished the series in order to put it in perspective because you read it too fast first time and missed something important.

2 - A fluffy read, one to waste time, or just pretty unremarkable, very generic, nothing new.......

1 - I'm sorry, a book that in my opinion shouldn't have been published, or just really wasn't for me!

I'm willing for anyone to contact me with any questions etc. Just e-mail or comment below.... I also welcome any books for reviewing/reading - I don't mind reading books published 4 years ago or books still waiting to be published - some of the books I received to read from one company didn't even have a front cover they were just a proof! So anything's fine!

I do think any book review will be pretty unique to the person writing it, so although I might not have liked a book, hopefully I'll give it a fair enough review and you'll be able to decide for yourself if it's something you would like a go at reading! I try to be as kind to books as I can, finding any redeemable qualities of it and highlighting them in order to give you guys a fair evaluation!

P.S. My Personal Entries
Any of the entries that are not a book review are to do with me and my opinions and any similarities to any one else, or someone's life is coincidental and any harm or upset is REALLY not intended. I just enjoy writing and hopefully making people laugh!

Hope you enjoy my blog,


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