Sunday, 23 December 2012

St Trinian's

Ahhh nothing like St Trinian's to get you dancing! I love the whole idea of these rebellious school girls not doing much but having the best time of their life. I actually also love Russell Brand in it, smitten for the head girl.... acting as a gay count at one point - tehe it's hilarious!

I wish my school was more like that.... everyone ganging together having their own cliques that they belong to... you have to wonder where you'd be if you were there......

But it's like that anywhere - you never know where you'd be.... I don't think I'd be a popular.... I don't think I'd be a nerd... though I do like work! .... I'd probably be one of the in-betweeners the girls who in the film always get the amazing guy BUT it never works like that in real life!

Hah! On the note of Inbetweeners - that film is so funny! I love how Jay ends up with the chubby girl after being so horrible about her all the way through! Also it is class when he falls on the ant's nest unconscious.....hehehehe! On the note of class.... anyone seen Despicable me? The minions are brilliant you must must must watch it!

Anyways I seem to be casually listing films with no real reason so I'll sign off..... need to go to a nativity service rehearsal...... Yay! What fun!

Anyways these films are amazing and I feel well happy now thinking off them!
Wee Scottish lass out!

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