Friday, 14 December 2012


Snow Snow Snow..... we had actual snow today :D yeeehah! it didn't set or anything dead exciting but it still fell! It was like blizzardy and horribly slushy but really awesome!!

My bag got absolutely soaked and all my stuff in it though walking to school!

I also got my hair cut today - ahh the expensive life of girls - and it was actually dead cheap - £6 so I used the remaining £4 to buy a smoked sausage and chips for lunch (a girl's gotta indulge herself!)


People Who Your (loving) Elder Relatives Introduce you to
Who hasn't been introduced to some elderly woman by your gran, or great-aunt. You have to stand there awkwardly trying to look earnest and good (someone your relative would be proud of) while the friend peers at you as if trying to see you properly........ you feel scrutinized and then the inevitable happens...
THEY COMPARE YOU TO THEIR NIECES/NEPHEWS, GRANDCHILDREN, or any person your age they have a claim over.

You have to listen to the latest adventures of their respective child, their amazing achievements on piano, their amazing boyfriend (just rub salt in the wound why don't you) and you have to pretend you don't know that really they're just showing off their person while you stand there dumb cos if you said anything about yourself you'd sound big-headed.....

The worst is when you see the same person AGAIN, they don't usually ask you about you, they just tell you the exact same story about their person and you just want to die of boredom and you can't get away!!!

Aaaah I loved old people and all but do they have to be so DARN proud of their people! I wouldn't mind just talking about some mundane thing like the news instead of about their fudging grandkid for the seventh time in a row!!!



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