Friday, 21 December 2012


Now, if you've read any of my original posts you'd know that I refer to anyone reading/following my post as listeners..... 'cos really following sounds a tad creepy and makes me worried the creepy old man is back on the computer staring at me through this virtual screen!

Now, after having a little look at my audience it looks like a lot of y'all are American, How about that?! Love you! But c'mon Brits support a fellow country lass!

How about a little +1 if you're American  - it'll also let me know whose tuning in regularly (see what I did tuning - like in radio - which you use your ears for - so you're listening - get it? No? why do I even bother!! :P)
Don't worry it doesn't let me or anyone else see who you are, just gives me an idea of numbers so Mr Creepy Old Man - who should be fudging off - can't 'follow' you..... wow! does anyone else get an ominous sounding tone in their head when they read 'follow'.... I swear the lights sort of dimmed and my head read follow in a dark booming voice..... anyways tabby stop getting distracted.... so yeah basically any American's  please +1!!
Love y'all (like my Miley Cyrus impression?)

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