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Clarity by Kim Harrington is a mystery paranormal thriller featuring a psychic girl Clare (or Clarity) who becomes involved in a murder investigation with a very hot but rather skeptic boy detective.

Harrington's debut novel is a good fluffy read - literally unchallenging but very close to spinning a close-knit good story that doesn't have those loose threads that are quite common with this genre.

What I liked most about Clarity is how Harrington does not put too much emphasis on the fact Clare and her family are psychic  - it becomes a sort of accepted part of them - like perhaps how in your family it might be normal to   read books all together and discuss them in the evening. Yeah, they're a bit  odd but it's more of a uniqueness rather than a total removal from normal life - you won't find yourself yearning to be a psychic(or vampire/werewolf) like in other books just because the main character is.

There is lots to praise about Clare - she's pretty down to earth and there are tonnes of typical teenage traits which means you can relate to her more easily. However she's quite hardy, sarcastic and has a tendency to blunder into things. You will like her but there are times you curse her as well!

(Even his name sounds good!). He's the son of the detective and very skeptic of Clare and her powers, yet also deeply attracted to her fieriness. You'll love him as he has his own little sob story, so acts all tough, he's really caring and prepared to put himself in front of a bullet meant for someone else. My heart broke when he decided to trust Clare's instincts despite everything that had happened to him previously involving psychics.

Justin is Clare's ex-boyfriend and the relationship between them is rather tense, him also having been her only real friend. However he's really sweet and still cares for her so much that he is prepared to sacrifice everything for her alone.

Clare's brother who is accused of the murders. Peri was a great character for me because he brought a smile to my face just because he did for Clare!

Kim has a real talent with creating characters and I really enjoyed how credible this story was - you were able to believe that psychics were real because Clare was OK with it and not totally reminding everyone of it every minute!

Clarity is worth reading, and although is quite fluffy, has a good story line (a perfect debut novel for Harrington) and I definitely look forward to reading the next book in the trilogy. I'd give Clarity a 3 out of 5 because although I really enjoyed it it wasn't as good as some books I've read. However that's a lot of books and it definitely has potential if Harrington chooses to exploit it in her next book Perception.

Clarity is published by Scholastic and can be bought from Amazon for £4.89.

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