Friday, 21 December 2012

It's Christmas!

Woooohoooo! So school is done! Yeehaw!

We have this compulsory church service we have to go to at the end of the last school day and so we did.... Praise be to The Powers Above etc.

And the minister had us shouting 'its Christmas' whenever he said Christmas. Which was HILARIOUS as one of my teachers has a really deep gruff voice and he was sitting behind me so all I could hear was his voice.


So all you'd have is this lone deep voice saying 'It's Chris----- oops sorry guys!'.. It was enough to get me and the boy next to me in hysterics. So everytime the poor minister said Christmas - which was a lot considering it was A christmas service - this one loud voice would drown out the others and he'd hear loud peals of laughter coming from me and the boy.

Needless to say he started avoiding the word Christmas which was equally funny because he had to search for words like festivity, happy time of year, time when Christ was born, middle of winter.... you name it he tried to use it!

To top it off the last carol was called 'It's Christmas Time' and me and the boy just could not even look at the word without bursting out laughing! All in All a pretty good end to the school term!

Merry Christmas everyone or Happy festivities!

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