Thursday, 13 December 2012

Teacher Tabby

Ah so today I had a sore eye so I had to wear my glasses - geeky I know but controversially I was not suffering in the name of beauty. I also chose to put my hair down and (yes it had to be the time the glasses were marring my face) it chose to be straight...... this is like a once in a blue cheese moon occasion. So I was walking around the school and all the kids were looking at me and I was getting dead embarrassed thinking I must have something stuck to my shoe (I will never live down the toilet paper incident in my head ever!) until one of the little kids came up to me - he was a couple of years below me - and asked me if I was lost.

I laughed and said no why? The little kid replied that he thought I was the new biology teacher!!! Eeeek I must look dead scarily old! So not venturing out with hair down and glasses on again in a while...... I don't even like fudging Biology! However one of the boys in my class came up to me and told me my hair looked nice down so that wasn't so bad.... I guess putting my hair back in a ponytail ain't always the most flattering ;)

Its Pukka Pie for dinner tonight.... YUM! (for those who do not know Pukka Pie is a delicous machine-churned out pie with stuff in it - ours is chicken gravy tonight!) YUM! again! It is very fake and reconstitued but just makes my day especially when the wind is howling outside and your feet are cold and so with a Pukka Pie you can sit dipping chips in the gravy while you catch up on Grimm! I love Grimm - I love fairy tales so putting that on T.V. with some good action, fit men and catchy storylines what more could you want!

Also did anyone watch the Young Doctors Notebook? (I think that's what it's called) It was rather good - Daniel Radcliffe makes a yummy doctor and there are some pretty funny bits in it!! Yummy...... watch it!

Anyways I'm off to read, (do some homework - just in case you're reading mum) and eat some chocolate...... cos that's what it's all about :)

Tabs :)

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