Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Jaffa Cakes

Jaffa Cakes

I love jaffa cakes (had them for my lunch today) but have you ever noticed that after the 6th one your lips start to go numb, taste of orange and you begin to feel queasy? This might just be because Jaffa Cake packets are not designed to be consumed by one person very quickly but could there be another reason?

Could the Jaffa Cake Company be slowly mutating all Jaffa Cake Consumers into living Jaffa Cakes? I doubt it to but I was reading the Doctor Who feature in the Radio Times for Christmas and am feeling very alien orientated.....

Imagine though living Jaffa Cake people..... they'd be like a Jaffa Cake with little orange arms and legs... Orange eyes..... Can't see them having a mouth though!

While looking for this Jaffa Cake photo (see above) I have discovered the Jaffa Cake Challenge - how many jaffa cakes one person can eat in one minute... I am determined to attempt this over Christmas (as long as I get Jaffa Cakes in my stocking.... mother?)

Ach well nothing else really happened today - though I forgot to tell you guys about this timelapse (lots of photos taken over a period of time to make a sort of video but which covers a longer period of time in a short period of time.... get it? me neither!) my friend made of us decorating his Christmas Tree! It's really quite funny as we are speeded up really fast putting decorations on the tree - and then he brought in this bowl of crisps so every so often you see hands dart in to steal a crisp from the bowl on the side of the picture! It's pretty funny.....

Anyways, 2 reviews coming up I think! And OMG!!! one week till Christmas 7 sleeps!! eeek!!

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