Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Oh my dear god, so, I got my best friend's present from the woman I'd commissioned to make it and it is beautiful - glass with silver. However I was sitting in my French listening test when I suddenly started to panic that she was allergic to silver (my friend's definitely allergic to some metal in jewelry and usually uses titanium)....
So there I was, Christmas round the corner, attempting to listen to some gawd-awful man on the CD drone on about smoking IN FRENCH, while I panicked about what I could get my friend for Christmas on such short notice if she was indeed allergic to silver.
(authors note: I did manage to pass my French listening though it was very close).

I then had to endure 2 hours more of school and the delightful Christmas lunch which no longer includes cool little snowman/santa/rudolf icecream faces but instead foul blackforest cakes whose sponges all taste of cherry - talk about a infringement on the Article All Cake should taste good 808 Law - shht tabby shht back on track - yupp so where was I - ah yes enduring..... so I got through all this and managed to get home after a very long bus journey which consisted of a 7 year old boy telling the one other boy on my bus that I loved him..... I managed to shut him up when I turned round and told him Rudolph had broken his leg and Santa wasn't coming anymore.... Tehe All's fair in love and war and shutting little brats up.

I FINALLY got home to phone my friend and got her brother - luckily I suppose it would be quite disconcerting for my friend to have me phone up and say 'Are you allergic to silver?' and depending on the answer either hear jubilant indian war cries or several choice swear words! But I got her brother and he said he didn't think so before proceeding to yell down the stairs asking my friend whether she was allergic to silver earrings....

THANKFULLY the answer was No and I could relax in the good knowledge that my present was ok - until I discover she hates green!

So there my dear friends is the story of silver in my life today. (if you notice my consistent use of friend instead of naming her that is because of you creepy old man who I can not entrust the name of my dear friends with *she blows a loud raspberry*)

Cheerio :) Pip pip ta ta


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