Thursday, 6 December 2012

People & The Return of the Dastardly Doughnut

Oh my gawd.... some people.....

WHO do they think they are??? Christmas is absolutely amazing.... like give presents and get  presents... whats not to like.... Christmas should, A mon avis, start in October after the school holidays because you are depressed after holidays so Christmas should be advertised to make you happy again (it's the small things in life)

People Who are REALLY Nice
Eeeek I love them too bits..... one boy brought jam doughnuts on the bus today (if you've read my other post you'll understand my dilemma....perhaps you can give me a heads up on whether you've read my post by giving this a +1..... love ya ) and I had one.... and it was so nice!! my throats cleared up a lot so it was just that little bit better..... and today one of the dinner ladies gave me an extra large cookie (i'm sure they think I'm anorexic cos i've taking to just having soup and cake at lunch) at lunch.... BONUS! It was fudging fantastic... (hey and you guys know I'm not anorexic cos of my addiction/love-hate relationship with delectable dastardly Doughnuts!)

Queen Bees - the populars - The Stereotypical American Popular (Rare Breed - only seen from afar amongst huge crowds of worshipping followers)
Those who think they are the top of the school well, like all mums, books, films, statistics, good willing neighbours will tell you, they won't last..... their school days are their best days..... I (nastily I suppose) hope that's true.... it'd be good to see them get a little bit of poop shoved back in their faces after shoving it in other peoples for so darn long! But to be honest they'll probably go on to become chief managers of everywhere..... drat! (this is my lovely green streak showing through, my green monster named Liam (I just think Liam is a real envious seeming name don't you)

Anyway there's a brief rundown of people I encountered today, so a bit about my day..... :D
Review coming soon about Eve and Adam by Michael Grant - twas amazing!

Keep listening

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