Thursday, 6 December 2012


You know how hard packing is?! Really..... I have to try on every single piece of clothing that I want to take to make sure it looks okay and that I want to take it! Makes it dead tough to choose! Any girls out there will know that a shirt or trousers can look good one minute than try it on when your away and you hate it! Grrr the teenage girl brain!

And when I'm going through my clothes I start having memories of what I've done in them.... For instance today I picked up a pair of my trousers and remembered this cringey time when I'd been walking around the co-op and had toilet paper stuck to my shoe! Arghhh! And who says those sorts of things only happens in books!

well me, and fudge look what happened!

Oh dear, I'm so mega excited tonight, The Doctor's Notebook is on tonight on Sky Arts with Daniel Radcliffe...... (I can never decided if he's droolworthy but he is HARRY POTTER so I have to place my loyalties with him and decide he is!)

Can't wait this time tomorrow I'll be in London! Woop Woop Woop Wooping Gangham Style.... aaaah never gets old ;)

noo i'm off to eat some porridge and haggis... porris ;) off doing scottish things for all your stereotypical readers :P


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