Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Jack Sparrow

Well I find this funny, I like the randomness, the poor disappointed boy singers, and michael bolton as Jack Sparrow :P Watch, listen, laugh..... and a reminder if you have time, or the glorious twitter I don't seem to be able to use follow @JustThisTeenage ..... I need you guys!! ;) :P except of course you creepy old man You will be blocked.... several times over.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Chips & Sims

Two things to talk about..... Chips & Sims - case you didn't bother to read the title

So the chippie re-opened today in the town after being closed for New Year..... grrrrrrr.... and I just had to have some chips for lunch.... and a smoked sausage....  yummmee :D the salt on my lips, the warm chips, the crunchy smokey sausage.... it was fatty unhealty food heaven.... I think the first mouthful gave me a food orgasm... it was so sweet and I'd missed them so much..... Don't get me wrong I'm not a total chipholic or a binger but I love chips, and the fact they weren't available made me want them more!! My friend had chips too but couldn't finish them...the sadness in my brain as I watched those delectable little niblets chucked away.... well it wasn't as great as I'd have thought... the hold chips have over me is obviously slowly leaving me..... I no longer feel the need to fight seagulls over dropped chips ;)

So I was at my friends house the other day and she has Sims 3..... I'm officially addicted - it's so cool :D getting to control these little people, make them have great lives, horrid lives, okay lives, (really, it's like owning a stud.... I know crude but you can't really describe it much simpler). I'm hoping to get Sims 2 for my birthday on Sunday.... I don't think I can live that long.... I might have to assault my family and friends to get it off them earlier.... claim it's necessary for my survival or something :P

Ach well that's my day......... Sims and Chips have been floating around in my head all day.... Yummee and Coool :D :P
Have a good day!

Twitter :O

Yes, I've done it, I've fallen to the low sad level of Twitter...... I know I know, yes I'm a complete hypocrite, yes I said I'd never do it, but I have..... but in my defence it was in the name of my blog..... @JustThisTeenage on Twitter ;) Follow it, share it, re-tweet me, please let's get this blog out there..... A couple of people have implied that they thought I should join Twitter to hopefully increase my page views and likes on my book reviews.... 'cos although I love you guys, my regular listeners, publishers are unlikely to send me books if they think I'm not very wide spread..... I'm doing okay at the moment but I need you guys to help me out. Puhleaseeee? So please follow me, please re-tweet me, please get me out in the scary stalkery world of Twitter....
So follow
@JustThisTeenage                Maybe I'll be able to get the handle on concise writing through tweeting as well.... I do seem to ramble a bit :P
You're the best! Also I've got a good story for you guys..... involving chips and what I think could be described as a food orgasm.... intense delight from the consumption of chips! Coming soon!

Thursday, 24 January 2013


Skinny by Donna Cooner made me seriously re-think all my ratings for this blog, because it is definitely worth the top mark I can give it perhaps more so than some of the other books that got a 5. I conclude I shall create a new top rating even higher than the 5 and it shall be called the Skinny rate...... (a 5.5 - 6 in technical terms!). It was incredible -  Cooper tackles the issue of obesity so well through Ever, a 15 year old girl who weighs 302 pounds (21.5 stone). Ever has a tinkerbell goth girl in her head who whispers to her what people are thinking 'Look how fat she is'. 'Kill me if I ever become like her', I found this incredibly sad and I admit this is one of the places where I cried. Her mum also died from cancer which is one of the reasons Ever became fat, she didn't end her mother and Ever's tradition of eating chocolate at bedtime and she quickly gained weight because she was now doing it all by herself.

Happily ever after? Or never ever, Ever. Ever's mom loved fairy tales, but at fifteen-years-old and weighing 302 lbs, Ever Davies is sure that "happily ever after" was never written for her. She lives under the constant scrutiny of everyone around her, and "Skinny" - the voice in her head - makes sure she never forgets how fat and ugly she is. That is, until Ever decides to take drastic action. With the help of her long-suffering friend Rat, Ever embarks on the risky, terrifying journey of gastric surgery. But while Ever's body gradually changes on the outside, she soon finds that changing the person on the inside is much harder. And silencing Skinny is the hardest task of all.

Ever is really interesting to follow as you can literally see how she changes, both on the outside and inside. She starts off isolated, unhappy and alone apart from her best friend Rat. After a talk with her stepsister Briella where they insult each other, Briella calling her fat, and so she embarks on gastric surgery. Following this and her drastic weight loss she begins to see how fickle people can be and how she has perceived everything, what she wanted she actually already had. 

Rat's a science geek, pure and simple, but he's also really sweet and cares a lot for Ever. He doesn't mind she's fat but she doesn't realise this instead Skinny convinces her it's because he pities her and doesn't know how to tell her. Rat supports Ever through her gastric surgery helping her draw up charts etc to map her progress.

Ever's stepsister at first Briella and Ever don't get on, Ever always being jealous of Briella's skinny body and gorgeous looks. Ever can't see past the physical attributes of people and with Skinny whispering in her ear over reads situations and can't accept compliments or offers of friendships when they're offered. Finally Briella and Ever get on and Ever discovers they have a lot more in common than she previously thought. Briella's cute, spunky and caring, though she feels quite insignificant next to her glamourous cheerleading sister Lydnsey.

 I really loved this novel - it made me laugh, cry, sigh and fall in love with it. Cooner portrays the struggles of obesity and the pain and hardship Ever has to go through as a result of the gastric surgery. Her personal experience adds a credibility to this novel and I really enjoyed the breath of fresh light and the realistic nature of this novel. Skinny wasn't written to be a love story or a portrayal of school life instead it is a honest account of a fat girl attempting to become thin in order to fit in and be happy with her body.

I give Skinny the Skinny rating, 6 out of 5. It was great, eye-opening and loveable in three words. It's coming out in paperback on the 4th of February 2013 and can be pre-ordered from for £5.24. I really really do recommend this, it's an amazing insight into the turmoils of a teenage mind, one whose is insecure and struggles to cope with her body image, even if you're not overweight I promise you can relate to it and this is one of the reasons I strongly suggest it and the main reason I loved it. It's published by Electric Monkey an imprint of Egmont Publishing UK.

En Bon Lu!

Grapes Are Like Jaffa Cakes

In  my opinion grapes are like Jaffa Cakes, admittedly not in shape... or size... or taste.... or nutrition content but DESPITE this they are like Jaffa Cakes. My reasoning, and I may be the only person to do this. They can be eaten in the same way...... with grapes you can use your teeth to peel away the skin, and you have to make sure you can get the skin away with out disturbing the actual flesh.... with Jaffa Cakes you attempt to peel away the dark chocolate on the top without taking any sponge or any of the orange gel pad thingy....... Yeah neither the grape nor the Jaffa Cake tastes better as a result but there's something addictive about attempting to do it perfectly..... and it can waste time perfectly.... also I've been told it can be quite sexy for guys to watch ;) There you go girls, get a grape or a Jaffa Cake and you can turn on your guy..... though I would think there are easier ways to do so!

Saturday, 19 January 2013


Echo by Alyson Noel is the second book in the Soul Seekers series and follows Daire as her and Dace try to face the Richters (Coyotes) and stop their evil from spreading.
Personally, I enjoyed Echo more than Fated as, because all the characters had been introduced in Fated, Noel was able to develop them further resulting in more 'airtime' on Daire's interactions with Xotichl and Lita for example.

Echo was split between Daire and Dace this time as Cade manages to prevent them from seeing each other by implying their love feeds his evil power.....

Noel continues to weave her own magick in this story as she did in the first and I enjoyed the continuation of the plot, Daire's own magick's power increased in this novel as she continued along the path of her ancestors guided by her grandmother Paloma and Paloma's sort of boyfriend Chay. Have a look at my review of Fated for some character information but I'll put one in here for Lita who didn't feature much in Fated.

Lita was bit of a biatch towards Daire in the first book but by Echo she's integrated herself into Daire's crowd and cares about her fiercely.... Constantly reminding Dace that he better treat her right! She's good fun and sarcastic and a bit bitchy but a good friend!

I loved Echo and it's a great addition to the Soul Seeker series and I can't wait to read the Mystic the next in the series! July's too long to wait! Echo gets another 4 and Dace is going to be swimming in my dreams the night! You can get Echo of for £5.03.... (strongly recommended! I can't put it much clearer!)

En Bon Lu!.....(you know, it's just occurred to me that that's probably not the proper French.... ach well it's Scottie style ;)


Strange Angels

The Strange Angel series by Lili St. Crow were pretty darn amazing. There were 5 books in the series and each one was a decent length adding something to the story as well as giving you more book time with your favourite characters.... and they will be your favourites after the first 30 pages of book 1.

The SA series follows Dru Anderson, a Night hunter, as she copes with various things, the loss of her family, the discovery of her true identity, two boys vying for her affection, for all you paranormal, romantic readers - this book brings it all! If you like Twilight, The Vampire Academy, House of Night, Wolves of Mercy Falls then you'll like Strange Angels.

For me there were three important characters....

Dru is strong, passionate, big on rights and wrongs, compassionate and really great fun to follow. Her voice is funny, dry and sarcastic bringing a bit of light to serious situations that she finds herself in.... which she does a lot! She ends up with two sexy boys fighting over her and she has to find ways of keeping them both happy without leading them on too much!

Dru meets Graves after her father's death and Graves becomes Dru's rock. He's strong and loves Dru, prepared to do everything and anything to keep her safe.... not always something she appreciates but I like it! Graves competes with Christophe for Dru's affections and doesn't necessarily win or lose......

A dhjampir Christophe has commited himself to protecting Dru from everything that tries to help her, while managing to make her feel included and independant. Christophe provides a connection to Dru's mother and really, I find him pretty fit though in the book he hasn't eyes for anyone bar Dru, darn! I'll settle for Graves!!

Strange Angels is set in modern time in America and follows the idea I love, that there are paranormal things around us we just don't pay attention to it! I like that idea! I really enjoyed the series and the 5 books was just enough to bring the story to a dramatic sexy close! The only thing I didn't like about the ending was that there wasn't really any conclusion on the love relationship side.... you don't know who Dru chooses in the end and I like to know for sure!

Strange Angels is published by Barnes & Nobles and most of the books can be bought from for around £5.24 or for as little as 2 - 5 pence if you buy from some of the other sellers! I really suggest at least getting the first book just to try it - you really won't regret it and I promise they're amazing! I'd give the whole series a 4 out of 5.

Buy! Buy! Buy!

Good Reading!

Friday, 18 January 2013

The Repossession

Let me put it out there first before I start this review...... I am more than a little scarred from reading this book in a good thrilling sort of way. Let me sum it up in the three words.... epic, scary and amazing!

The Repossession by Sam Hawksmoor is a scientific romantic thriller that follows Genie Magee and Rian as they struggle to escape a Institution that seems to be stealing kids..

'34 kids are missing. Vanished without trace. They never write, they never call. Parents are frantic.

Six weeks, four days and sixteen hours and twenty minutes since the bedroom door locked on Genie Magee. She's possessed, says her mother. The Devil wants her for his bride.
All Genie's hope, all her life and her soul, are pinned on beautiful Rian. Rian loves her. He'll rescue her from this madness. Won't he? 'You're next,' the face on the wall tells her. By morning, Genie realises, she'll be missing too.
The Repossession is just the beginning.'

Yeah, I was freaked out too. I almost didn't want to read it, but my curiosity and book loving nature got ahead of me. And it was flipping fantastic. I mean there was a few things I didn't like, such as Hawksmoor tendency to write in a hesitant sort of manner, but the story and the characters are amazing.

My heart was in my mouth, all the way through this book. One minute it would slowly sink down relaxing before having to jump back up in anticipation or trepidation for the characters and what was about to happen next. It was quite exhausting emotionally! It wasn't so much that it was action-packed more that a lot happened in it, not necessarily fighting and action-packy stuff, just events and twists and surprises. It's great to have a novel for Young Adults that stretched your mind and that you had to pay attention to. If you want a fluffy light read the Repossession's not for you, and for that I pity you...... it's a unmissable book!

Genie & Rian
Seriously they're a couple to rival all other couples. They are so dedicated to each other, mature and loyal. Sometimes too much devotion from the couple to each other can get a bit heavy on the reader but Hawksmoor sets it right. Yeah they're in love, but they're also each others' best friend and each others' rock.
They're both really credible teenagers and I think Hawksmoor has managed to create two solid characters who the reader can learn to love and rely on to guide them through the novel.

There are a lot of minor characters who all help to anchor the novel and the plot. Each different character bring something else to the novel, be it evil or good, but there are far too many of them to list! I'll just assure you they're all really well crafted and you can relate to them all. You'll start to care for them.... which can be a bad thing in this novel... things happen to those you care about... I warn you.

Seriously though, I loved the Repossession, it was a breath of fresh air for Young Adults and gave me some real food for thought. It starts to make you wonder where kids do vanish to. Is there something sinister behind most of the cases? After reading this novel, you'll think there is.

The Repossession gets a not shabby 4 out of 5 from me, and I really really can't wait to read the Hunting. You can buy it from for £5.24 and it'll be the best fiver (and 24 pence) that you'll spend in a long time. It's published by Hodder Childrens Books, an imprint of Hachette's UK, and I commend Sam Hawksmoor on a brilliant piece of writing!

Good Reading


Fated by Alyson Noel is about a 16 year old girl, Daire, who is a Seeker though she doesn't know that yet..... instead she thinks she's going crazy. Noel weaves a world where magick's real, and people just are unaware of it, wrapped up in their own world, and where Seekers are working to prevent the Coyotes (the evil magick practisers - always need baddies!), from wreaking havoc on our world. I found it really credible and I prefer it when fantasy novels emphasise that the only reason we don't know about these magick things is because we don't want to notice them. Another series (Strange Angels) does the same thing and I really prefer it and like it...... though I would love to be able to notice the magick in the air - must not be going around it the right way!!
And, thankfully, there's the love interest, Dace Whitefeather.... and he is scrumptious....

Strange things have been happening to Daire Santos. Animals follow her, crows mock her, glowing people appear from nowhere. Worried that Daire's having a breakdown, her mother sends her to stay with the grandmother she's never met, who lives on the dusty plains of Enchantment, New Mexico.There Daire crosses paths with Dace, a gorgeous guy with unearthly blue eyes. Her grandmother recognizes Daire's episodes for what they are - a call to her true destiny as a Soul Seeker, a person who can navigate between the living and the dead. Guided by her grandmother, Daire must be quick to learn how to harness her powers, because Dace's brother is an evil shape-shifter, out to steal them. Daire must embrace her fate as a Soul Seeker and discover whether Dace is the guy she's meant to be with . . . or if he's allied with the enemy she's destined to destroy.

She's plucky, brave, exotic, and funny (with a sarcastic dry humour) Love her! She's good fun to follow, you  care for her, and you want her to succeed. There are bits in the novel where she's a bit of a martyr 'should I go with Dace or is that going against my families ancestral rules' kinda thing, but nevertheless she's a really good lead character to follow.

Dace .... & Cade
The goodest and evillest souls around, literally. His twin brother Cade is the evil half, he's the good, go figure who Daire choose... They're both fit, but while Dace is warm and friendly, Cade is cold and aloof. I would have liked more a love triangle between them and Daire but I suppose, in some books that can be really annoying as you're shouting at the girl 'What the hell you going with him for? The other one's good and just as fit'!..... Yeah I analyse the Love relationships a bit too much sometimes, Jealously makes a girl green!

Paloma's Daire's gran. She knows all about what Daire's going through and convinces Daire's mum that she can 'save' her saving Daire another trip to a mental hospital. She guides Daire through her Seeker training and helps her follow her heart as well as her head.

Xotichl (and it's pronounced So-cheee)
Although Xotichl is blind she can see energies which allow her to see the world and people clearly, usually more so than people with vision! She befriends Daire and helps to keep her grounded, sane and a teenager.... Daire's weight on her shoulders could turn her into an adult before you could say Snap!

Noel gets the necessary rivalries, relationships, humour and background into the novel in order to construct a intriguing addictive first book that leaves you craving more! I loved the incorporation of old legends and the animal spirit guides..... (I admit it, I took the quiz, I'm a wolf..... grrr) and how the Seekers began to seem plausible and real.

I would give this book 4 out of 5... I'm not being generous it really was that good and it's made me desperate to read the rest of them! I love how it's not ridiculously fluffy as some YA series can be!

You can get Fated from for £4.61, it's definetly one to it or borrow it, just read it!
Fated is published by MacMillan books and again, I can't stress this enough, it's sooooo good! Buy it!

En Bon Lu

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


I feel shi*e. I hate colds, flus, runny noses, sore heads, aching tummys, runs, agonizing throats, shivering, boiling.... all those symptoms that leave you feeling crap and unable to do anything!

Not to mention my day in school wasn't great..

I dislike people who get off from being nasty to and about other people.
I was once a little scared of this girl but now when I think about her I just kinda pity her...Some people are just so depressing and they just won't ever give anyone a break..... I think they think its cool to be so down on the world, shooting everything down in flames so they'd spiral slowly down fluttering limply as they evilly grin at them..... they  are not nice chicks (and they usually are chicks). But you know that way, when even when somethings bad or going wrong, you'll just shoulder it and get on with it, grin and bare it, smile and wave, moan a little but ultimately do it, they just can't do that and for that I feel sorry for them. It must be extremely depressing to go around thinking everyone's getting at you, or is beneath you, or isn't worth your time, or just that the world isn't great. I mean I have crap days but at least I know there'll be a good day around the corner sometime. It's called optimism and well, they need to get a bit of it.

Some people just are meant to be moaners, some are meant to be martyrs and others the mediums, the averages, the normals, I fall into that category I'll have a good moan but I'll do it but I won't do it without a moan! Grasped it?!?

Anyways back to the ill rant, yes I really hate colds and flus and everything else I listed but I'm also always slightly happy to be ill 'cos I know when I get better I'll appreciate it more. No? I mean, it'd be great if I didn't have to get ill to appreciate being well but I do 'cos I'm human and we don't appreciate what we've got till we lose it...... I know very profound for 20 to 10 at night but ach well, we have to be profound sometime!

I'll get a review up tomorrow I think, it's called Fated and it's by Alyson Noel and it was D E Lish....! Ya'll love it!

Bonne Nuit

The Gallagher Academy series

The Gallagher Academy series by Ally Carter follows four girls, Cammie, Bex, Liz and Macey, as they learn to become spies and cope with some pretty nasty men who, well, are out to kill them. Of course we need the love interest and Cammie manages to grab that aspect of the novel with the three other girls helping her like only best friends can!
Below is the blurb for I’d tell you I love you but then I’d have to kill you’ the first book in the Gallagher series, where it all kicks off.

‘Gallagher Academy might claim to be a school for geniuses – but it’s really a school for spies. Cammie Morgan is fluent in fourteen languages and capable of killing a man in seven different ways (three of which involve a piece of uncooked spaghetti). But the one thing the Gallagher Academy hasn’t prepared her for is what to do when she falls for an ordinary boy who thinks she’s an ordinary girl.         Sure, she can tap his phone, hack into his computer, and track him through a mall without his ever being the wiser, but can Cammie have a normal relationship with a boy who can never know the truth about her….’

Carter weaves a novel with extremely realistic characters that readers can relate to and fall in love with. One book reviewer said ‘If ever there were a new series chock full of characters to make Harry, Ron, Hermione et al look like wimps, then this is it.’Not that any series can make Harry, Ron and Hermione look like wimps because they are the BOMB but you get the drift that this spy girl series is pretty darn good.

Yeah the writing’s pretty simple so anyone above 12/13 can read it, enjoy it and understand it but even as a 16 year old there are still bits in it for you. What I’m trying to say is that it’s a kick-ass book that manages to spread itself a wide age range!
I really enjoyed reading about Cammie as she’s a plucky teenager with next to no experience with guys and really, is pretty freaked out by them (something we can all emphasise with at some point in our lives!) There’s zilch of the paranormal in here so for some of you, that’ll be a big bonus and for those of us (you) who do like paranormal a bit too much, take  a break, read something that’s just as good as Twilight or Halo or Nightshade, it just doesn’t have the fangs and the blood-suckers or the howlers…….. Though it does have plenty of knives, blood and bruises!
As the series progresses and the plot becomes more complex and intricate you can still rely on Macey to comment sarcastically or Bex to irrationally drop-kick something before she can – in other words they stay the same loveable awe-strucking characters they were in the first book even though the atmosphere around them is slowly  darkening and getting more dangerous.

On the whole the series are good fun to read, a good present for a friend or something to keep you ticking over the holidays – they’re pretty addictive and I promise you’d enjoy them!

The Gallagher Girls series is published by Hachette UK and can be acquired from from between £3.29 and £5.24. As a series they get a 4 out of 5 from me and I suggest you get the first one to start you off soon!
En Bon Lu!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013


A post which you should all be able to relate to! (if not you are a) extremely inhuman b)about to be interrogated by me on how you acquired your immunity to the deadly procrastination)

So Work, be it Homework or Job Work, it is very hard to get it done..... I mean, when you're in the place of the Work it is normally ok and you can get it done but when you get home it is completely utterly and unfairly a different story.

For a start there are so many better things to do at home, trawl the internet, look in on Just This Teenager ;), watch T.V. , play with dogs, eat food, read a book, shop online, eat more food.... etc! There is a lot of stuff.

Secondly why should it come home? I mean surely Work should stay at school/job and not come home. Correct me if I'm wrong but your home is supposed to be a haven it doesn't need to be infiltrated by oozing evil Work (please realise this is a very dear issue for me hence the capitalisation of Work in order to stress the deadly deadly nature of the beast).

and Thirdly, what is it in the human nature that means we just can't sit down and do it! I mean, in the back of our minds we all know that if we just get it done we'll have all the time left over in the evening. If we're really brutally honest with ourselves there isn't even any good telly on T.V. when we get home from school/work it's in the real evening it get's good. But we aren't and so we don't get it done and then without realising it's suddenly 8 o'clock and there's still a mountain of Work to do and Glee or Waterloo Road or Elementary (take your pick) is about to come on and you can't possibly miss that.... and so it gets later and later and you end up sitting up at 11 or 12 or in the extreme procrastinators case 2, struggling to keep your sleepy sleepy eyes open as you attempt to do your Work knowing it'll only be half what it could be whatever you do..... further slowing your resolve to get it done..... and if you're me you feel extremely guilty for handing in something that doesn't do you justice (nerd remember?!?) and despite all this stress you'll be guaranteed to rinse and repeat the whole process the next day..... Sticking on the hair line what we need is some sort of procrastination shampoo and conditioner - just imagine the label.

'Guaranteed to strengthen your resolve to do your Work, this product will even lengthen the time your resolve lasts for, you'll be left feeling refreshed and ready to Work after the use of this product, Work-style conditions are replicated through use of this product allowing you to bring your Work conditions home ensuring a happy (as if!) state of mind, as if you're in the place of Work itself. Combine with Procrastination Conditioner for increased longevity of this product as well as spurring your brain into putting a remarkable shine on your Work, giving you the boost you need to hand in something truly decent'

I actually feel sick having written that, as if I'm betraying my natural human procrastinator gene, I'm sorry Mr and Mrs Procrastinator please keep working your magic on me!

Anyways I better go off, I seem to have some French that I need to do for tomorrow.... And what a surprise?! I've had a week to do it in!

Good Luck with getting on with your work guys!


Monday, 14 January 2013

Biology - The Wonderful World of

Ooh, the joys of biology, I mean who isn't riveted by the world of lipids - I mean listen to this - 'Steroids have a completely different structure to the other lipids. They are based on a four-ring structure (this is in bold because its VERY important) of 17 Carbons. (ooooh no! Not the 17 Carbons scandalous!) Varying side chains attached to this structure give different steroids. Many steroids play a role in cell signalling as hormones; they are hydrophobic (water-loving oh the sexy things!) molecules so they are able to diffuse across membranes and bind to receptors inside cells' - Now isn't that just amazing, so intellectual, so intriguing..... so freaking boring it makes me almost slightly suicidal! I mean sometimes I get really into Biology and I enjoy it but other times the years it puts on me is ridiculous!

Maybe when I finish Advanced Higher Biology and hopefully get my A I will make a annotated version of the textbook with teenage friendly comments.... maybe such as above! What do you think?? I think I'd enjoy it more!

Anyways back onto exciting happy news I want to share with you all - I received another conditional today, that's three from universities though they're all in England and all asking for either 3 or 2 A's at Advanced Higher (Slightly higher than A-levels for all you English Students) It makes me feel good whenever I receive one - can't wait to leave my school and go to university!!!! Yayyyy! Yayyy! Yayyy!
I got my school leaver's hoodie yesterday.... it holds my self-appointed and unfortunately adopted nickname Pipsqueak due to my very small stature... It's bottle green (I know it sounds hideous but it's actually quite a striking colour! Very flattering I don't look like I have any fat at all in it!)

Also just to give you a little teaser to keep you ticking over, after trawling through many blogs it seems give-away book competition/thingies are very popular and I just happen to have a book, very good, that I have got two copies of.... One from a publisher which I will keep because it's not for me to give away really and one from a cousin..... Heard of 'I'd tell you I love you but then I'd have to kill you'... Nope? Where have you been?!? It's rather amazing! A review should be forthcoming, I might have to limit the give-away to just the UK I'm already having to prepare for my soon coming student poor pocket! Depends on the interest from my lovely over the water listeners!

I better head, my mum has just come through looking pathetically pleased with herself as she has managed to make a birthday card for my brother which tracks his progress from fat blobby chubby 10 year old to now, annoyingly good looking, 14 year old boy..... who manages to look older than his age... something I can't do -  I got ID'd today for buying a lottery ticket!


Sunday, 13 January 2013

I'm reading a book

Now who doesn't feel like this at some point when reading a book (imagine you've got to that juicy bit, the book has been building up for over 50 pages, they're about to kiss..... EEEK! and then some-one interrupts!) ...... well anyone who doesn't read books I suppose doesn't feel like that but I do! I love it! Vair Vair funny!


Breathe by Sarah Crossan is a dystopian novel set in a world without air, where people have to live inside giant domes in where the air is rationed. Of course, being a YA novel there has to be major social differences with the Premiums being allowed enough  oxygen for normal life while Auxiliaries struggle to afford enough to live...... any opposers to the regime are forced from the Pod into the oxygen less outside.

It is a rather good plot playing on the ideas going around society today - if we cut down all the trees what will we do for oxygen? Crossan manages to weave a delicate complex story with well-developed characters that is enjoyable and engrossing. My favourite character is Alina but the two friends who rescue her from the law enforcers of the Pod smuggling her outside are also extremely like-able. All Crossan's characters are such that you want to find out what happened to them.

Breathe is one of those novels where the story is split between several viewpoints - in this case between Bea, Alina and Quinn (unfortunately not as fit as Quinn from the Night World series!)
Alina is the rebel, the one who knows what the Premium government are up to, whose dedicated her life to fighting it - despite the horrific consequences if she's found out (one of which is to be left slowly suffocating from lack of air on the Outside). She is very strong, and from the start of the novel is detached and unwilling to form any attachments to anyone, romantic or just friendly. 

Bea is an Auxiliary who is best friends with a Premium. When she fails to gain admittance onto a program she should have got onto, and her friend does, she begins to doubt the fairness and validity of the whole set-up. Bea is very caring and isn't afraid to form attachments unlike Alina. Once she befriends Alina she begins to represent Alina's humane side making Alina more humane and less detached than she previously was.

Quinn is a Premium, son of one of the high-up politicians. He's friends with Bea and when she doesn't get on the above mentioned program he too begins to doubt the system. Bea and Quinn help Alina out of the Pod when she reveals she's in trouble to them - despite having never really met them before. Quinn is strong and brave but having been brought up by some-one who is in the corrupt system is unable to really believe that it is really corrupt until later on in the book.

I enjoyed Breathe and will look for the next book in the series and grew attached to the 3 main characters and their journey to reach the rebels. I think Crossan has managed to set herself up well for the next novel and I really want to read it now to find out how Alina gets on and whether the other two manage to catch up!

Breathe is published by Bloomsbury and can be purchased (recommended! especially if you like The Declaration, Zenith - an amazing book -, Hunger Games etc) from for £3.84 (BARGAIN!!).

I would give Breathe a 4 out of 5. I really enjoyed it, will read it again, but I would have liked a tad more romance! I'm very romantically orientated at the moment!

Good Reading!


So today I was trying to choose what to wear and I found these pair of black leggings.... once my favourite pair.... now with a massive hole in them...... When I remembered why they had this hole I just had to share....

It was a long time ago, the wind was howling, the storm battering on the windows, rain incessantly pounding at the windows, me and my brother sat in front of the orange glow of the fire toasting marshmallows and trading spooky stories (okay, maybe that wasn't the case but scene setting, guys, scene setting!) So after a while our spooky stories were spent and we were getting bored with the lack of electricity so we decided to do something else.... That something else started off as searching for chocolate but that quest ended quite quickly once we realised there was none in the house, disappointingly! So we turned to piggy backing.... My house has this long hall which culminates in a big door. One of those ones with like 16 panes of glass on it...

A little like this but twice the size! Up and down the hall we carried each other (this was a rare golden moment where me and my brother got on, I blame technology for our rocky relationship, though I guess even as Neanderthals we'd have found something to fight over - whose rock was whose, who was getting the last raw chicken leg etc).

Then it happened. My brother was carrying me down the hall, getting faster and faster, we were nearing the world record for piggy backing running, or so it seemed in our minds, then we reached the end and stopped.. in front of the door, him turning round to carry me back up the hall, when it HAPPENED

By a freak accident I pulled on his neck causing him to stumble backwards pushing me into the door's glass panes hard..... one of those windows broke catching my leggings with it, a huge chunk torn out, no damage done to me or my brother but a hell of a lot to the door and my leggings. Of course the crash brought through the parents and an onslaught of interrogation, shouting, one small enquiry into our wellbeing, and then the big question.... whose fault was it?

And despite the fact we'd bonded through piggy backing, marshmallow roasting, spooky story telling, the fact it was my bum that had broken the pane of glass, my fault I'd pulled on his head, it didn't stop me shoving my guilty thoughts aside as I said 'It was him! He picked me up on his back to prove he could, but he couldn't, mummy, he fell back pushing me against the door, It was him!' And so my iddy biddy brother got in trouble....until the next day when my auntie told my mum that it was my fault, she'd heard us in the corridor beforehand.

The End!

Man I loved those leggings!

Saturday, 12 January 2013


Heeeey guys!!

A publisher's asked me what sort of audience I target and I'm also quite interested.... I'm assuming it's mostly teenagers but correct me if I'm wrong..... and on that assumption I'm going to go down the gender divide...... Can you +1 this post if you're a) a girl and/or b) returning to this blog after having visited it before (meaning you liked it enough or were interested enough that you wanted to come back)... Sorry boys I don't need you to let me know it's girl power I'm looking for on this post!

Thanks, I really appreciate it!!

Tabs :D

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Monsters Inc

Aaaaah, Boo! I watched this tonight and god, childhood all over again! With this scary dude -
Trying to forcefully extract screams from kids and these two funny beings
Trying To stop him...... Oh how good it is! I was watching it and Mum came in and said ' Why are you watching this? I don't want to watch this... Change over'.... 3 minutes later we're both crying with laughter and engrossed - same thing happened with my Dad..... Ahh Pixar and Disney what legends..... Tarzan next!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Declaration

The Declaration by Gemma Malley - what a book! Another futuristic novel it follows Surplus Anna, Anna Covey to her family (though she refuses to believe in them), who has been brought up in the oppressive Grange Hall and taught that she is a waste of the Earth's resources and it is because of her parent's selfishness that she walks this earth. Surpluses are taught that they must make up for their parent's sins and Know Their Place..... However there is a new Surplus coming to Grange Hill, called Peter, and he says he isn't a Surplus, that there shouldn't be Surpluses - they have as much right to be there as anyone else...... Anna knows he's trouble, knows listening to him is dangerous, encourages him, will only lead to punishment for disobeying the rules... yet she does... he's mysterious, alluring, and more than that... he claims to know he she is....

Gemma Malley's story is very complex, yeah the plots simple - a drug has been created that means you can live for ever - no-one needs to die. But these drugs are only giving to the Legals and the Legals can't have children. They drain resources the Earth no longer has, so children are illegal, any born are Surpluses - they are collected, stolen from their parents, and sent to Surplus Halls where they are taught to be good citizens - but she manages to throw in so many curveballs that you'll have difficulties catching them all. There are a good deal of twists that threw me as I read it. And get this, I hated it to begin with - I found the first few chapters quite slow, a bit of a slog and I wasn't really interested. But when I realised it wasn't a fluffy read and I would have to pay attention to detail I started to revel in it. It was nice to read a book that had depths and a big background.  If you liked Hunger Games this should be right up your street... These books scare me a little as the idea of governments or cities having so much power over people's life I find rather terrifying... I hope to not see Earth if it ever becomes like this!

Anna is an interesting character to watch develop as to begin with she starts of as a stoic, really brainwashed, girl who Knows Her Place and wishes to remedy her parents sins. However once she meets Peter you can witness her change to a brave, smart girl whose prepared to break the rules and begin to attempt to change the world and the corrupt societies of that day. When you begin to understand the extent of the brainwashing Anna has gone through and what they teach the Surpluses - that they are a waste and unwanted - you actually start to feel quite sick!

Peter is unbelievable... He has surrendered himself to The Surplus Halls just to find Anna, though I can't say why or I'll ruin the story!, and he puts up with the various tortures designed to break his spirit, still believing that parents do want their kids, that the Legals are in the wrong. Once you've realised the extent of the stuff Peter has to put up with you can really admire his commitment, belief, and passion for his cause. He is so sweet and patient with Anna as well!

Peter and Anna are the main characters in this book and they work and gel well together. Malley has created a partnership between the two that holds the plot up and you can become attached to them as they battle to save themselves against this crazy mad and cruel world.

I would give The Declaration a 4 out of 5 and I have bought the Resistance, the second in the trilogy, as I can't wait to see how the story progresses. I hope it's as good as the Declaration. It loses half a mark because I found the start a little slow though I do acknowledge that was due to my lack of interest to begin with!

It's published by Bloomsbury and you can get it from (which I really recommend!!) for £5.24 or - and this is the one and only time I'm putting it in -  for £2.48 for the Kindle! (it's such a bargain I had to put it in in case it convinced you guys to buy it!).

Good Reading!


Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer follows Calla's journey now that she has been taken by the Searchers, the people she has always been told are her enemies. It weaves a seductive tale further complexing the previous plot of Nightshade, bringing in histories of the Guardians, Searchers and the Keepers. Being the second book in the trilogy it serves the purpose of developing the plot from the first book, establishing new relationships, consolidating old ones and setting the scene for the last book, where as usual there is the Big Battle.

Wolfsbane has it's fair share of heartbreak - my saddest part was when Calla goes back to find Ren and we DO NOT like what we find. I grew to like Calla far more as a character through this novel as Cremer does not make her a girl who falls completely and utterly in love with her guy she ran away with, Shay, Instead Calla keeps thinking about her old friends, her 'mate' and all the things she could have lost. I really liked this as it made the novel far more interesting to read as Shay and Calla's relationship is written in stone and had many rips in it that proved troublesome at various points.... it's very nice not to have a perfect smooth fabulous relationship for once!

Check out my review on the first book, Nightshade, for character analysis of Calla, Shay and Ren. I became more fond of Calla in this book which helped me connect with the story more as well.

There was a lot of new twists in Wolfsbane with the Searchers providing new clues into the complex uprisings and lies amongst the Keeper and Guardians. Cremer manages to continue her unique twist on the paranormal continuing to create a unique story that has really has no other similar novels to the plot that I can think of. Which for me is a big plus as you do kinda get sick of reading the same generic plots no matter how well they're written. Which is a shame as it means you don't enjoy what would be a good story as much!

I enjoyed Wolfsbane more than Nightshade and for this reason it gets a 4 out of 5. It did have the 'pow' this time and I can not wait for Bloodrose to arrive from Waterstones.... then I'm getting onto the prequel series!

Wolfsbane is published by Atom and imprint of Little Brown and can be purchased from (much recommended.... this series will replace The House of Night series or whatever other series you're into as they are very very good and addictive!) for £4.68.

Good Reading!

Zoo Tycoon

So today, hmmmm, what to say?!
Well, I had a blinding headache through out the day so spent a lot of it reading this book, Chomp, which is funny... it's about this boy and his dad who are animal wranglers and are working for this mad t.v. actor.. but you'll read all that when I write the review ;)

This post is called Zoo Tycoon, as today I recovered my P.C. disc of the game and commenced playing it..... It's so much fun and so addictive. making all the animals pen's, making sure they're fed, keeping the guests happy.... tehe reminds me of my childhood! So I had to dedicate it to this amazing game!

I figured out why I hate school so much today - I'm getting past the point of having to be underneath someone (the teachers all the time)..... I mean it's ok with some of them, don't get me wrong some of them are great, but there are the ones who treat you like you're still 13, who believe you're, really they seem to think you're beneath them, your opinion doesn't count, they have the right to question everything you do.... I have one teacher who doesn't like me at all for some reason and actually asked me at lunch why I was reading a book.... in a tone that implied she didn't like that I was doing it and should leave the room I was in.... The room's designated for people to read and be quiet at lunch!! I think she's convinced I'm leading a rebellion or trying to bitch about her or something!

Anyways So it was a very uneventful day.... I went to school, ate a tuna roll and a crispy cake, came home, fed my horses, played zoo tycoon, ate Indian Dad had made, now I'm doing this....what a nice relaxing boring day :P

I'll try and do some reviews now, not got anything else seeing as Mum has stolen my own computer to do some sort of form thing....

Zoo Tycoon Freak Out

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

What's up with Jody Barton?

What's up with Jody Barton? by Hayley Long was a real eye-opener. It really makes you think and is written in a hilarious upbeat manner though the content it approaches is really quite serious. I found the way the novel was written a little young for me, I don't really appreciate words being enlarged and put in bold to emphasis them. I get why it's done but for me it gets kinda distracting. I'm putting the description of it on here because it's very hard to talk about this book without giving away it's big secret, that for me made it worth reading.

Me and my sister are twins. She's Jolene and I'm Jody. We've both got brown hair, we're both left-handed and we both have these weirdly long little toes which make us look like long-toed mutants. But apart from that, I'd say we're fairly different. Well, actually, we're a lot different . . . It's hard enough being one half of the world's least identical twins, without both of you falling for the same guy. Jolene's turned flirting into a fine art, but Jody? Not so much. And as if a twinny love triangle wasn't messy enough . . . there's something nobody knows about Jody Barton. Something BIG.

I thought the way Hayley approaches the BIG issue in this book is ingenious and if she hadn't done it in this way, like if I had known what the book was actually about, I probably wouldn't have been interested/or read it. Not that I don't care about the BIG issue and what people have to go through but I just wouldn't have really needed to read a book about it cos I already know. However having read What's up with Jody Barton? I probably would quite happily read a book about a person with the same issue because I realised it's still interesting and the book can still be really good. I suppose that's what you get for wanting to stick with the conventional characters!

Anyway What's up with Jody Barton? was enjoyable but as I said the text annoyed me and I'll give it a 3 out of 5. I can't give it a 4 because I doubt I'll read it again (it's pretty fluffy - very like the Cathy Cassidy books) but it deserves more than a 3 because it is well written and thought out! It's a good book for between 12-16 year olds I think. I was just about too old to really enjoy it.

What's up with Jody Barton? is published by MacMillan Children Books and can be bought (and I do suggest reading it if you get the chance) from for £4.33.

Happy Reading!

Weeeeeird Facts

Hey y'all,

So I'm off school sick today - think I might have caught the Noro virus or whatever it's called..... really darn unpleasant... but I'm being a good schoolgirl and doing my biology.

All very exciting I know but then I came across this statement 'The camel can lose up to 30% of it's body water and still survive - humans can only lose 10% before their kidney's fail'! I know, right! Super camel or what.... no wonder it lives in the desert... it's so fricking awesome it can survive there.... So I got distracted from biology and have decided to compose a 10 weird fact list just now.... hope you enjoy it ;)

1. More monopoly money is printed throughout the world than real money in a year.
2. Dogs are mentioned 13 times in the Bible... cat's aren't mentioned once.
3. There are no clocks in Las Vegas casinos.
4. Praying mantis female will not have sex with males unless they have no head.... solution - the female rips the guys head off.
5. In space astronauts can't cry properly as with no gravity the tears can't roll down their face
6. When Hitler's mum found out she was pregnant she considered an abortion but her doctor persuaded her not to.
7. Coca Cola was originally green.
8. According to a British Law passed in 1845 suicide is a very serious crime. The punishment is the death by hanging.
9. It is impossible to kill yourself by holding your breath.
10. The two old favourites: you can't lick your elbow and it is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.

Anyway I enjoyed that little bit of research but I better get back to the joyous world of Survival Strategies in Biology.... The Platinum Edition.


Monday, 7 January 2013

E-mail subscription

Hey guys!

Added an e-mail subscription tab thing.... Checked the info... I can't find out who you are, your e-mail address, how many people have signed up. Ok? So it should be totally ok for you guys to use if you want to be e-mailed about my latest posts etc... which is what i think it does.... you'd be safe from me (I CAN'T FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE OK?!) if I was any one to worry about...... mind you... who says 5"2 girls aren't scary - I mean I can almost turn on light switches... if I stretch high enough... and I am renowned for my ability to hug people's legs to stop them moving... but that's about it!

Small leg squeezing Scottish gal!

First Day Back

Eugh god, first day back at school. There is nothing worse. Thank god there is only 80 days left of my school career! I will be glad to leave behind all the memories of crude jokes at people's expenses, misunderstandings, bitchiness, fall outs, rumours etc. the list of terrible school memories goes on!

Really whoever said 'school years are the best years of your life' better be including university cos sure as not my school years were not the best! There's just a point in your life - mine is now at 16 - where going to school for two classes a day and being restricted by rules and expectations just feels wrong and so boring. I'm ready for uni all ready! The independence  the different people, the coffee shops where I could get a hot chocolate daily, the parties, the many book shops of the big cities! Bliss! I just find it difficult to be in a school environment with no freedom!

So yeah anyway school was pretty catastrophic.... I cried a little inside and out when I neared the school entrance! But the day wasn't too bad on the whole - I tried a after eight hot chocolate (I don't think I really tasted any mint though :/) and met up with an old friend who was still off on his uni holidays - jealous! He told me (the town his university in is pretty rough) that one day he saw a man punch a pigeon out of the sky.... just for flying too close to him! I'm definitely not going near that town.... he's also convinced he's going to be mugged sometime!

Also does anyone know about BANANAGRAMS?! It is THE most amazing game in the world.. you get 149 tiles with letters on them and everyone takes between 11 and 21 depending on the numbers and you have to build anagrams/crosswords taking a new tile whenever someone finishes. You get bizarre words and spellings -  one of my friends tried to spell Randy Randie!! just to get rid of some of her letters. It's like scrabble but without points - just the satisfaction of finishing first! I love it! Get it play it live it! It's incredible....

Anyways I'm off to watch the new series of Glee, Jesus Dude is on as well as Sam and Puck's younger brother :O FIT!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Raven Boys

Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater follows Blue Sargent as she becomes drawn to a group of 'Raven' boys, one of whom she is predicted to kill with a kiss. Stiefvater weaves an brilliant story filled with sinister twists, young love, hardships and true friendships. I loved the fact that it was based around a Welsh legend and I liked the vulnerability the tough Raven boys gained through their obsession with  the Welsh king.

I was delighted to see Stiefvater had written a new book - I loved the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy (a 5 star series if there ever was one!) Her characters live in your mind and you find yourself chuckling along with their private jokes, gasping at the brilliant discoveries and crying at the various disappointments and shocks. Her descriptions are infallible and the magical surroundings of the ley lines beautifully described and presented. Her characters are her strong point though :

The strong sensible passionate pillar that is Blue is wonderful. Her caring nature and wry dry sense of humour  struck a chord with me making me one of my favourite characters so far! She is similar in characteristics to Grace - both have a strong backbone beneath their caring facade. I loved how she fell for Adam, despite his strong desire to not rely on anyone, and how she also falls for Gansey, though this relationship will be further explored in the next books I think.

Adam is attending Aglionby Boarding School on a scholarship which he has earned by working extremely hard. He becomes firm friends with Gansey but is unable to become comfortable with Gansey's wealth and this provides a rift between them during the book. (I appreciated this divide as it brought reality back to the novel as it is perfectly life-like that a boy would be unwilling to live off a wealthier friend especially if his home predicament is far from rich). Adam brings a breath of reality to the airy fairy world of Gansey and the small budding relationship between Blue and Adam is gorgeous and delightful to read.

Gansey is absolutely minted, yet although he presents himself as a boy, sure of him self, his place in the world, and his family, the real Gansey is kind, caring, funny and obsessed with a Welsh legend. His thirst for the Welsh king pours out of the books and overwhelms you as you too become obsessed with their quest and the outcome. His 'love' relationship with Blue does not develop in this book but promises to in the next one (I'm assuming there is another one).

Ronan is the dangerous boy, as dangerous as a shark and about as friendly, the damaged one. Mind you, I slowly became quite attached to his unpredictable, cruel but honest, blunt ways and he kept me on my toes.

All in All Maggie Stiefvater keeps the paranormal to the minimum and I love her for it! It's an incredible piece of story telling, and the inclusion of Blue's curse just tops it! I have to give Raven Boys 5 out of 5 and tell you all - I'm definitely keeping my eyes out for the second one!

You can get Raven Boys from for £3.86 (get it while the price is down). IT'S AMAZING OK?! It's published by Scholastic and really worth the read... I can't stress this enough!

Good Reading!



Hades by Alexandra Adornetto
I got it! After reading Halo, the first in this trilogy, I had to get Hades, I was just in love with sweet Bethany and Xavier and a little smitten with evil boy Jake I must say.
It's worth reading my character analysis on Halo before reading this as I'm not going to re-describe the big ones again as they haven't changed instead we have some great new additions, though in their own way very sad ones.

Anyway to give you a brief glimpse into what the stories about - Jake has been resurrected from Hell through a seance and he steals Bethany from Xavier grasps taken her down to Hell with him..... Dramatic? Huh Tell Me About It.... I was sitting on the edge of my bed as I read this.... Although Hades really didn't go anywhere fast - same places etc - it was really fast paced in my opinion. You could feel Bethany's desperate need to get back to Xavier gripping you and Xav's, Gabriel and Ivy's despair as the Armageddon looms closer, all hell ready to break loose unless Bethany manages to return to the Surface.

Tucker is assigned to Bethany in Hell. We never find out why he's there but he provides Bethany with something that really does keep her sane in Hell. He also turns out to be dead sweet, and my heart broke a little at the end of this book.... shan't spoil it for you though!

Hanna was tricked into Hell by Jake. I know it's a spoiler but I'm going to say anyway so scroll down if you don't want to read it! She was working in a Nazi camp when she saw her old friend being dragged in, and she persuaded Jake to save her (though the girl later gets gassed anyways - do not trust a demon) and in return she has to go to Hell. The Hanna story gave me nightmares and I felt so sorry for Her and her friend that I cried when I read this part of the book.

Right sorry, I know my evaluation of these two wasn't great but you see, I've just read a review on Goodreads about this book which was so horrible that I'm just vibrating with anger and can't really think straight! This person gave Hades a 1.5 and I think this is totally unfair. I can understand how Bethany's proclamations of love can get a bit tedious, and yeah 'Huggie Bear' will never ever be a cute nickname - ever. But beyond that Adornetto writes a really good story - I like the picture of Lucifer as 'Big Daddy' it shows the bizarre dedication of the demons to him and his evil ways and for me paints a sick picture which is what Lucifer is - he's supposed to be repellent and if you can't ridicule him you'd be absolutely petrified.

I do agree with this individual in that there was far more use of the word 'celestial', which bigged up the fantasy angelic part of the novel which I disliked seeing as I'd enjoyed Halo more because it didn't put much emphasis on the fantasy side of things. There was also far more 'gooey lovey' stuff and, in my opinion, Bethany was very weak to bow into the tiny bit of peer pressure she experienced making it a little less realistic, but heck she's a naive angel she doesn't exactly know what's right or wrong - she ain't street smart love!

I didn't like Hades as much as Halo and I would give it a 3 out of 5. As I enjoyed it and loved Halo I will try and get hold of Heaven.
It is worth the read and there were some pretty ace twists to the plot so I do recommend it, though be warned in my opinion it wasn't as great as Halo.

Hades can be bought from for £4.79 and is published by Atom an imprint of Little Brown.

Good Reading!

Saturday, 5 January 2013


I am so sorry any of my listeners and sorry to you to my neglected blog.... I am a very boring bad blogger! I got distracted by the bright lights of facebook as I spent my time (doing as all teenage girls do in this time of their lives) trying to build a friendship up with a guy..... Of course, being a (not really, but in my head I have red hair) fiery impatient scottish girl I tried to give him my number....... Embarassment!!! I mean he was English as well... talk about betraying my country..... sorry Scotland but he was fit, and unlike many of my Scottish pals I do not believe in the whole the English are evil crap (My parents are English and I swear their not evil.... though I can be very evil sometimes.... I must have inherited it from somewhere!) Anyway so he rather bluntly said we were unlikely to ever meet again so he didn't want to TEXT me though he was happy to chat on facebook.... now this confuddled me a little because to be honest the only reason I'd tried to give him my number was because it's easier, in my opinion, to talk to someone through texting than on facebook. Excuse me English Totty for wanting to make chatting easier...... Really My Pride was a little injured because a) he'd assumed I was searching for something more..... I'd only known of him for like 3 days... I'm NOT anywhere near that easy or desperate
b) he didn't want anything more..... I mean if I was that easy I would appreciate him trying to take advantage of it! I would totally be worth it....
So my pride was injured in two ways!

Ach well there's plenty more fish in the sea.... and my harpoon is lined up on another one!

Love to you all.

Sorry for neglecting you my bloggy!
Tabs X