Saturday, 19 January 2013

Strange Angels

The Strange Angel series by Lili St. Crow were pretty darn amazing. There were 5 books in the series and each one was a decent length adding something to the story as well as giving you more book time with your favourite characters.... and they will be your favourites after the first 30 pages of book 1.

The SA series follows Dru Anderson, a Night hunter, as she copes with various things, the loss of her family, the discovery of her true identity, two boys vying for her affection, for all you paranormal, romantic readers - this book brings it all! If you like Twilight, The Vampire Academy, House of Night, Wolves of Mercy Falls then you'll like Strange Angels.

For me there were three important characters....

Dru is strong, passionate, big on rights and wrongs, compassionate and really great fun to follow. Her voice is funny, dry and sarcastic bringing a bit of light to serious situations that she finds herself in.... which she does a lot! She ends up with two sexy boys fighting over her and she has to find ways of keeping them both happy without leading them on too much!

Dru meets Graves after her father's death and Graves becomes Dru's rock. He's strong and loves Dru, prepared to do everything and anything to keep her safe.... not always something she appreciates but I like it! Graves competes with Christophe for Dru's affections and doesn't necessarily win or lose......

A dhjampir Christophe has commited himself to protecting Dru from everything that tries to help her, while managing to make her feel included and independant. Christophe provides a connection to Dru's mother and really, I find him pretty fit though in the book he hasn't eyes for anyone bar Dru, darn! I'll settle for Graves!!

Strange Angels is set in modern time in America and follows the idea I love, that there are paranormal things around us we just don't pay attention to it! I like that idea! I really enjoyed the series and the 5 books was just enough to bring the story to a dramatic sexy close! The only thing I didn't like about the ending was that there wasn't really any conclusion on the love relationship side.... you don't know who Dru chooses in the end and I like to know for sure!

Strange Angels is published by Barnes & Nobles and most of the books can be bought from for around £5.24 or for as little as 2 - 5 pence if you buy from some of the other sellers! I really suggest at least getting the first book just to try it - you really won't regret it and I promise they're amazing! I'd give the whole series a 4 out of 5.

Buy! Buy! Buy!

Good Reading!

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