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Hades by Alexandra Adornetto
I got it! After reading Halo, the first in this trilogy, I had to get Hades, I was just in love with sweet Bethany and Xavier and a little smitten with evil boy Jake I must say.
It's worth reading my character analysis on Halo before reading this as I'm not going to re-describe the big ones again as they haven't changed instead we have some great new additions, though in their own way very sad ones.

Anyway to give you a brief glimpse into what the stories about - Jake has been resurrected from Hell through a seance and he steals Bethany from Xavier grasps taken her down to Hell with him..... Dramatic? Huh Tell Me About It.... I was sitting on the edge of my bed as I read this.... Although Hades really didn't go anywhere fast - same places etc - it was really fast paced in my opinion. You could feel Bethany's desperate need to get back to Xavier gripping you and Xav's, Gabriel and Ivy's despair as the Armageddon looms closer, all hell ready to break loose unless Bethany manages to return to the Surface.

Tucker is assigned to Bethany in Hell. We never find out why he's there but he provides Bethany with something that really does keep her sane in Hell. He also turns out to be dead sweet, and my heart broke a little at the end of this book.... shan't spoil it for you though!

Hanna was tricked into Hell by Jake. I know it's a spoiler but I'm going to say anyway so scroll down if you don't want to read it! She was working in a Nazi camp when she saw her old friend being dragged in, and she persuaded Jake to save her (though the girl later gets gassed anyways - do not trust a demon) and in return she has to go to Hell. The Hanna story gave me nightmares and I felt so sorry for Her and her friend that I cried when I read this part of the book.

Right sorry, I know my evaluation of these two wasn't great but you see, I've just read a review on Goodreads about this book which was so horrible that I'm just vibrating with anger and can't really think straight! This person gave Hades a 1.5 and I think this is totally unfair. I can understand how Bethany's proclamations of love can get a bit tedious, and yeah 'Huggie Bear' will never ever be a cute nickname - ever. But beyond that Adornetto writes a really good story - I like the picture of Lucifer as 'Big Daddy' it shows the bizarre dedication of the demons to him and his evil ways and for me paints a sick picture which is what Lucifer is - he's supposed to be repellent and if you can't ridicule him you'd be absolutely petrified.

I do agree with this individual in that there was far more use of the word 'celestial', which bigged up the fantasy angelic part of the novel which I disliked seeing as I'd enjoyed Halo more because it didn't put much emphasis on the fantasy side of things. There was also far more 'gooey lovey' stuff and, in my opinion, Bethany was very weak to bow into the tiny bit of peer pressure she experienced making it a little less realistic, but heck she's a naive angel she doesn't exactly know what's right or wrong - she ain't street smart love!

I didn't like Hades as much as Halo and I would give it a 3 out of 5. As I enjoyed it and loved Halo I will try and get hold of Heaven.
It is worth the read and there were some pretty ace twists to the plot so I do recommend it, though be warned in my opinion it wasn't as great as Halo.

Hades can be bought from for £4.79 and is published by Atom an imprint of Little Brown.

Good Reading!

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