Friday, 18 January 2013

The Repossession

Let me put it out there first before I start this review...... I am more than a little scarred from reading this book in a good thrilling sort of way. Let me sum it up in the three words.... epic, scary and amazing!

The Repossession by Sam Hawksmoor is a scientific romantic thriller that follows Genie Magee and Rian as they struggle to escape a Institution that seems to be stealing kids..

'34 kids are missing. Vanished without trace. They never write, they never call. Parents are frantic.

Six weeks, four days and sixteen hours and twenty minutes since the bedroom door locked on Genie Magee. She's possessed, says her mother. The Devil wants her for his bride.
All Genie's hope, all her life and her soul, are pinned on beautiful Rian. Rian loves her. He'll rescue her from this madness. Won't he? 'You're next,' the face on the wall tells her. By morning, Genie realises, she'll be missing too.
The Repossession is just the beginning.'

Yeah, I was freaked out too. I almost didn't want to read it, but my curiosity and book loving nature got ahead of me. And it was flipping fantastic. I mean there was a few things I didn't like, such as Hawksmoor tendency to write in a hesitant sort of manner, but the story and the characters are amazing.

My heart was in my mouth, all the way through this book. One minute it would slowly sink down relaxing before having to jump back up in anticipation or trepidation for the characters and what was about to happen next. It was quite exhausting emotionally! It wasn't so much that it was action-packed more that a lot happened in it, not necessarily fighting and action-packy stuff, just events and twists and surprises. It's great to have a novel for Young Adults that stretched your mind and that you had to pay attention to. If you want a fluffy light read the Repossession's not for you, and for that I pity you...... it's a unmissable book!

Genie & Rian
Seriously they're a couple to rival all other couples. They are so dedicated to each other, mature and loyal. Sometimes too much devotion from the couple to each other can get a bit heavy on the reader but Hawksmoor sets it right. Yeah they're in love, but they're also each others' best friend and each others' rock.
They're both really credible teenagers and I think Hawksmoor has managed to create two solid characters who the reader can learn to love and rely on to guide them through the novel.

There are a lot of minor characters who all help to anchor the novel and the plot. Each different character bring something else to the novel, be it evil or good, but there are far too many of them to list! I'll just assure you they're all really well crafted and you can relate to them all. You'll start to care for them.... which can be a bad thing in this novel... things happen to those you care about... I warn you.

Seriously though, I loved the Repossession, it was a breath of fresh air for Young Adults and gave me some real food for thought. It starts to make you wonder where kids do vanish to. Is there something sinister behind most of the cases? After reading this novel, you'll think there is.

The Repossession gets a not shabby 4 out of 5 from me, and I really really can't wait to read the Hunting. You can buy it from for £5.24 and it'll be the best fiver (and 24 pence) that you'll spend in a long time. It's published by Hodder Childrens Books, an imprint of Hachette's UK, and I commend Sam Hawksmoor on a brilliant piece of writing!

Good Reading

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