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Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer follows Calla's journey now that she has been taken by the Searchers, the people she has always been told are her enemies. It weaves a seductive tale further complexing the previous plot of Nightshade, bringing in histories of the Guardians, Searchers and the Keepers. Being the second book in the trilogy it serves the purpose of developing the plot from the first book, establishing new relationships, consolidating old ones and setting the scene for the last book, where as usual there is the Big Battle.

Wolfsbane has it's fair share of heartbreak - my saddest part was when Calla goes back to find Ren and we DO NOT like what we find. I grew to like Calla far more as a character through this novel as Cremer does not make her a girl who falls completely and utterly in love with her guy she ran away with, Shay, Instead Calla keeps thinking about her old friends, her 'mate' and all the things she could have lost. I really liked this as it made the novel far more interesting to read as Shay and Calla's relationship is written in stone and had many rips in it that proved troublesome at various points.... it's very nice not to have a perfect smooth fabulous relationship for once!

Check out my review on the first book, Nightshade, for character analysis of Calla, Shay and Ren. I became more fond of Calla in this book which helped me connect with the story more as well.

There was a lot of new twists in Wolfsbane with the Searchers providing new clues into the complex uprisings and lies amongst the Keeper and Guardians. Cremer manages to continue her unique twist on the paranormal continuing to create a unique story that has really has no other similar novels to the plot that I can think of. Which for me is a big plus as you do kinda get sick of reading the same generic plots no matter how well they're written. Which is a shame as it means you don't enjoy what would be a good story as much!

I enjoyed Wolfsbane more than Nightshade and for this reason it gets a 4 out of 5. It did have the 'pow' this time and I can not wait for Bloodrose to arrive from Waterstones.... then I'm getting onto the prequel series!

Wolfsbane is published by Atom and imprint of Little Brown and can be purchased from (much recommended.... this series will replace The House of Night series or whatever other series you're into as they are very very good and addictive!) for £4.68.

Good Reading!

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