Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Zoo Tycoon

So today, hmmmm, what to say?!
Well, I had a blinding headache through out the day so spent a lot of it reading this book, Chomp, which is funny... it's about this boy and his dad who are animal wranglers and are working for this mad t.v. actor.. but you'll read all that when I write the review ;)

This post is called Zoo Tycoon, as today I recovered my P.C. disc of the game and commenced playing it..... It's so much fun and so addictive. making all the animals pen's, making sure they're fed, keeping the guests happy.... tehe reminds me of my childhood! So I had to dedicate it to this amazing game!

I figured out why I hate school so much today - I'm getting past the point of having to be underneath someone (the teachers all the time)..... I mean it's ok with some of them, don't get me wrong some of them are great, but there are the ones who treat you like you're still 13, who believe you're, really they seem to think you're beneath them, your opinion doesn't count, they have the right to question everything you do.... I have one teacher who doesn't like me at all for some reason and actually asked me at lunch why I was reading a book.... in a tone that implied she didn't like that I was doing it and should leave the room I was in.... The room's designated for people to read and be quiet at lunch!! I think she's convinced I'm leading a rebellion or trying to bitch about her or something!

Anyways So it was a very uneventful day.... I went to school, ate a tuna roll and a crispy cake, came home, fed my horses, played zoo tycoon, ate Indian Dad had made, now I'm doing this....what a nice relaxing boring day :P

I'll try and do some reviews now, not got anything else seeing as Mum has stolen my own computer to do some sort of form thing....

Zoo Tycoon Freak Out

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