Thursday, 24 January 2013

Grapes Are Like Jaffa Cakes

In  my opinion grapes are like Jaffa Cakes, admittedly not in shape... or size... or taste.... or nutrition content but DESPITE this they are like Jaffa Cakes. My reasoning, and I may be the only person to do this. They can be eaten in the same way...... with grapes you can use your teeth to peel away the skin, and you have to make sure you can get the skin away with out disturbing the actual flesh.... with Jaffa Cakes you attempt to peel away the dark chocolate on the top without taking any sponge or any of the orange gel pad thingy....... Yeah neither the grape nor the Jaffa Cake tastes better as a result but there's something addictive about attempting to do it perfectly..... and it can waste time perfectly.... also I've been told it can be quite sexy for guys to watch ;) There you go girls, get a grape or a Jaffa Cake and you can turn on your guy..... though I would think there are easier ways to do so!

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