Saturday, 19 January 2013


Echo by Alyson Noel is the second book in the Soul Seekers series and follows Daire as her and Dace try to face the Richters (Coyotes) and stop their evil from spreading.
Personally, I enjoyed Echo more than Fated as, because all the characters had been introduced in Fated, Noel was able to develop them further resulting in more 'airtime' on Daire's interactions with Xotichl and Lita for example.

Echo was split between Daire and Dace this time as Cade manages to prevent them from seeing each other by implying their love feeds his evil power.....

Noel continues to weave her own magick in this story as she did in the first and I enjoyed the continuation of the plot, Daire's own magick's power increased in this novel as she continued along the path of her ancestors guided by her grandmother Paloma and Paloma's sort of boyfriend Chay. Have a look at my review of Fated for some character information but I'll put one in here for Lita who didn't feature much in Fated.

Lita was bit of a biatch towards Daire in the first book but by Echo she's integrated herself into Daire's crowd and cares about her fiercely.... Constantly reminding Dace that he better treat her right! She's good fun and sarcastic and a bit bitchy but a good friend!

I loved Echo and it's a great addition to the Soul Seeker series and I can't wait to read the Mystic the next in the series! July's too long to wait! Echo gets another 4 and Dace is going to be swimming in my dreams the night! You can get Echo of for £5.03.... (strongly recommended! I can't put it much clearer!)

En Bon Lu!.....(you know, it's just occurred to me that that's probably not the proper French.... ach well it's Scottie style ;)


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