Sunday, 6 January 2013

Raven Boys

Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater follows Blue Sargent as she becomes drawn to a group of 'Raven' boys, one of whom she is predicted to kill with a kiss. Stiefvater weaves an brilliant story filled with sinister twists, young love, hardships and true friendships. I loved the fact that it was based around a Welsh legend and I liked the vulnerability the tough Raven boys gained through their obsession with  the Welsh king.

I was delighted to see Stiefvater had written a new book - I loved the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy (a 5 star series if there ever was one!) Her characters live in your mind and you find yourself chuckling along with their private jokes, gasping at the brilliant discoveries and crying at the various disappointments and shocks. Her descriptions are infallible and the magical surroundings of the ley lines beautifully described and presented. Her characters are her strong point though :

The strong sensible passionate pillar that is Blue is wonderful. Her caring nature and wry dry sense of humour  struck a chord with me making me one of my favourite characters so far! She is similar in characteristics to Grace - both have a strong backbone beneath their caring facade. I loved how she fell for Adam, despite his strong desire to not rely on anyone, and how she also falls for Gansey, though this relationship will be further explored in the next books I think.

Adam is attending Aglionby Boarding School on a scholarship which he has earned by working extremely hard. He becomes firm friends with Gansey but is unable to become comfortable with Gansey's wealth and this provides a rift between them during the book. (I appreciated this divide as it brought reality back to the novel as it is perfectly life-like that a boy would be unwilling to live off a wealthier friend especially if his home predicament is far from rich). Adam brings a breath of reality to the airy fairy world of Gansey and the small budding relationship between Blue and Adam is gorgeous and delightful to read.

Gansey is absolutely minted, yet although he presents himself as a boy, sure of him self, his place in the world, and his family, the real Gansey is kind, caring, funny and obsessed with a Welsh legend. His thirst for the Welsh king pours out of the books and overwhelms you as you too become obsessed with their quest and the outcome. His 'love' relationship with Blue does not develop in this book but promises to in the next one (I'm assuming there is another one).

Ronan is the dangerous boy, as dangerous as a shark and about as friendly, the damaged one. Mind you, I slowly became quite attached to his unpredictable, cruel but honest, blunt ways and he kept me on my toes.

All in All Maggie Stiefvater keeps the paranormal to the minimum and I love her for it! It's an incredible piece of story telling, and the inclusion of Blue's curse just tops it! I have to give Raven Boys 5 out of 5 and tell you all - I'm definitely keeping my eyes out for the second one!

You can get Raven Boys from for £3.86 (get it while the price is down). IT'S AMAZING OK?! It's published by Scholastic and really worth the read... I can't stress this enough!

Good Reading!


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