Saturday, 5 January 2013


I am so sorry any of my listeners and sorry to you to my neglected blog.... I am a very boring bad blogger! I got distracted by the bright lights of facebook as I spent my time (doing as all teenage girls do in this time of their lives) trying to build a friendship up with a guy..... Of course, being a (not really, but in my head I have red hair) fiery impatient scottish girl I tried to give him my number....... Embarassment!!! I mean he was English as well... talk about betraying my country..... sorry Scotland but he was fit, and unlike many of my Scottish pals I do not believe in the whole the English are evil crap (My parents are English and I swear their not evil.... though I can be very evil sometimes.... I must have inherited it from somewhere!) Anyway so he rather bluntly said we were unlikely to ever meet again so he didn't want to TEXT me though he was happy to chat on facebook.... now this confuddled me a little because to be honest the only reason I'd tried to give him my number was because it's easier, in my opinion, to talk to someone through texting than on facebook. Excuse me English Totty for wanting to make chatting easier...... Really My Pride was a little injured because a) he'd assumed I was searching for something more..... I'd only known of him for like 3 days... I'm NOT anywhere near that easy or desperate
b) he didn't want anything more..... I mean if I was that easy I would appreciate him trying to take advantage of it! I would totally be worth it....
So my pride was injured in two ways!

Ach well there's plenty more fish in the sea.... and my harpoon is lined up on another one!

Love to you all.

Sorry for neglecting you my bloggy!
Tabs X

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