Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Weeeeeird Facts

Hey y'all,

So I'm off school sick today - think I might have caught the Noro virus or whatever it's called..... really darn unpleasant... but I'm being a good schoolgirl and doing my biology.

All very exciting I know but then I came across this statement 'The camel can lose up to 30% of it's body water and still survive - humans can only lose 10% before their kidney's fail'! I know, right! Super camel or what.... no wonder it lives in the desert... it's so fricking awesome it can survive there.... So I got distracted from biology and have decided to compose a 10 weird fact list just now.... hope you enjoy it ;)

1. More monopoly money is printed throughout the world than real money in a year.
2. Dogs are mentioned 13 times in the Bible... cat's aren't mentioned once.
3. There are no clocks in Las Vegas casinos.
4. Praying mantis female will not have sex with males unless they have no head.... solution - the female rips the guys head off.
5. In space astronauts can't cry properly as with no gravity the tears can't roll down their face
6. When Hitler's mum found out she was pregnant she considered an abortion but her doctor persuaded her not to.
7. Coca Cola was originally green.
8. According to a British Law passed in 1845 suicide is a very serious crime. The punishment is the death by hanging.
9. It is impossible to kill yourself by holding your breath.
10. The two old favourites: you can't lick your elbow and it is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.

Anyway I enjoyed that little bit of research but I better get back to the joyous world of Survival Strategies in Biology.... The Platinum Edition.


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