Monday, 7 January 2013

First Day Back

Eugh god, first day back at school. There is nothing worse. Thank god there is only 80 days left of my school career! I will be glad to leave behind all the memories of crude jokes at people's expenses, misunderstandings, bitchiness, fall outs, rumours etc. the list of terrible school memories goes on!

Really whoever said 'school years are the best years of your life' better be including university cos sure as not my school years were not the best! There's just a point in your life - mine is now at 16 - where going to school for two classes a day and being restricted by rules and expectations just feels wrong and so boring. I'm ready for uni all ready! The independence  the different people, the coffee shops where I could get a hot chocolate daily, the parties, the many book shops of the big cities! Bliss! I just find it difficult to be in a school environment with no freedom!

So yeah anyway school was pretty catastrophic.... I cried a little inside and out when I neared the school entrance! But the day wasn't too bad on the whole - I tried a after eight hot chocolate (I don't think I really tasted any mint though :/) and met up with an old friend who was still off on his uni holidays - jealous! He told me (the town his university in is pretty rough) that one day he saw a man punch a pigeon out of the sky.... just for flying too close to him! I'm definitely not going near that town.... he's also convinced he's going to be mugged sometime!

Also does anyone know about BANANAGRAMS?! It is THE most amazing game in the world.. you get 149 tiles with letters on them and everyone takes between 11 and 21 depending on the numbers and you have to build anagrams/crosswords taking a new tile whenever someone finishes. You get bizarre words and spellings -  one of my friends tried to spell Randy Randie!! just to get rid of some of her letters. It's like scrabble but without points - just the satisfaction of finishing first! I love it! Get it play it live it! It's incredible....

Anyways I'm off to watch the new series of Glee, Jesus Dude is on as well as Sam and Puck's younger brother :O FIT!

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