Tuesday, 15 January 2013


A post which you should all be able to relate to! (if not you are a) extremely inhuman b)about to be interrogated by me on how you acquired your immunity to the deadly procrastination)

So Work, be it Homework or Job Work, it is very hard to get it done..... I mean, when you're in the place of the Work it is normally ok and you can get it done but when you get home it is completely utterly and unfairly a different story.

For a start there are so many better things to do at home, trawl the internet, look in on Just This Teenager ;), watch T.V. , play with dogs, eat food, read a book, shop online, eat more food.... etc! There is a lot of stuff.

Secondly why should it come home? I mean surely Work should stay at school/job and not come home. Correct me if I'm wrong but your home is supposed to be a haven it doesn't need to be infiltrated by oozing evil Work (please realise this is a very dear issue for me hence the capitalisation of Work in order to stress the deadly deadly nature of the beast).

and Thirdly, what is it in the human nature that means we just can't sit down and do it! I mean, in the back of our minds we all know that if we just get it done we'll have all the time left over in the evening. If we're really brutally honest with ourselves there isn't even any good telly on T.V. when we get home from school/work it's in the real evening it get's good. But we aren't and so we don't get it done and then without realising it's suddenly 8 o'clock and there's still a mountain of Work to do and Glee or Waterloo Road or Elementary (take your pick) is about to come on and you can't possibly miss that.... and so it gets later and later and you end up sitting up at 11 or 12 or in the extreme procrastinators case 2, struggling to keep your sleepy sleepy eyes open as you attempt to do your Work knowing it'll only be half what it could be whatever you do..... further slowing your resolve to get it done..... and if you're me you feel extremely guilty for handing in something that doesn't do you justice (nerd remember?!?) and despite all this stress you'll be guaranteed to rinse and repeat the whole process the next day..... Sticking on the hair line what we need is some sort of procrastination shampoo and conditioner - just imagine the label.

'Guaranteed to strengthen your resolve to do your Work, this product will even lengthen the time your resolve lasts for, you'll be left feeling refreshed and ready to Work after the use of this product, Work-style conditions are replicated through use of this product allowing you to bring your Work conditions home ensuring a happy (as if!) state of mind, as if you're in the place of Work itself. Combine with Procrastination Conditioner for increased longevity of this product as well as spurring your brain into putting a remarkable shine on your Work, giving you the boost you need to hand in something truly decent'

I actually feel sick having written that, as if I'm betraying my natural human procrastinator gene, I'm sorry Mr and Mrs Procrastinator please keep working your magic on me!

Anyways I better go off, I seem to have some French that I need to do for tomorrow.... And what a surprise?! I've had a week to do it in!

Good Luck with getting on with your work guys!


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