Friday, 6 September 2013


Starters by Lissa Price was a page-turner. Plain and simple. I wanted, needed even, to know what was happening over the next page.  It follows Callie Woodland as she surrenders her body to the Body Bank in return for enough money that would enable Callie to save her and her brother from the grasps of the Marshalls until they turn 18.

However for Callie, something goes wrong in one of her switches with her Renters, she finds herself back in her body halfway through her rental period. Even worse, her Renter is still able to communicate with her, she's still slightly connected to Callie's brain, and they're both fighting for control of Callie's body. A control Callie doesn't want to relinquish as she's discovered her Renter intends to use her body to murder.
This in itself makes for an intriguing rollercoaster ride of a plot, with plenty of twists and turns, but throw in the fact the Body Bank is not all it seems, the political system is completely corrupt, and everyone around Callie aren't who they seem, Starters has enough excitement, thrills and spills, action to fuel several more novels and Callie Woodland definitely deserves a series.

The concept of Starters is extremely well executed and  eerily voice some of those deep fears that horror films and the recent flood of dystopian post-apocalyptic novels have caused to form.  Ever wondered whether the person next to you, is who they claim, who you believe? If you loved Host by Stephanie Meyer than Starters  is the book for you; loved Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins get a hold of Starter; basically it's worth the read. Price expertly develops her characters and plots with an ease that allows each layer to unfold smoothly and allows the reader to really familiarize and like the characters. Well, apart, from the Old Man but we're meant to hate him!

I eagerly await Enders and look forward to reading more of Price's inventive intense stories. She delivers.
Starters can be purchased from for (paperback) £5.24 or (Kindle) £4.74. It's published by Corgi an imprint of Random House Children's Books. 5 out of 5 for this seductive, intense original debut novel.

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