Sunday, 14 April 2013


Shipwrecked by Siobhan Curham is darker than her previous two novels, Dear Dylan, and Finding Cherokee Brown. However I think I enjoyed it more. Shipwrecked is what I would look for in a Young Adult novel with equal amounts of sass, adventure, drama, and romance. I like how Curham manages to make sure that there is an equal amount of girl/boy time to girl/friend time. 

Shipwrecked follows a dance crew as they become wrecked on a desert island while they travel to a cruise ship to perform. Curham really develops each individual character, Grace, Belle, Jenna, Cariss, Todd, Ron, Dan, and the Flea. The story is told from Grace's point of view and she's a perfectly flawed teenager, she's real, she's easy to relate to and she's kind and likeable. I really enjoyed following Grace and watching how her relationships changed with the members of the dance crew. I also thought Curham introduced Cruz, the Spanish boat boy, to the crew well (he's shipwrecked with them) and portrays the attraction between Grace and Cruz well.

Something I have to comment on about Curham's writing skill is that she is amazing at dialogue. All the dialogue in Shipwrecked is beautifully written and seems realistic even when the events that are taking place seem far from! Just flicking back through this book in order to remind myself of what I thought I've reminded myself how much I liked it! and how I can't wait for the next in the series!

I'd give Shipwrecked a very high four as Curham has really mastered older YA writing with this book and I I really enjoyed it and plan to re-read it!! Published on the 3rd June, at the moment, you can order it from for £5.59 which is a bargain!

Go for it, Summer treat.
Καλή ανάγνωση (Greek)

Back and Better than Ever

Back from France, a relatively relaxing week containing lots of girly chats with my best friend, a lot of walking, a lot of food, and some pretty fit boys! What more could a girl want?

We went to Bretagne to visit my best friend because otherwise I wouldn't have seen her till summer and I couldn't live with that, couldn't cope with school without a break from the biatches at school! It was lovely there and the beaches were massive. See below! I now feel totally replenished and alive and am ready to ride out the last 4 weeks of school hell and then do my exams and leave!
Now school starts tomorrow and I have four weeks until study leave starts and my exams!! Eeek.... not looking forward to that! I'm going to take this opportunity to apologise in advance for my lack of blogging over this next couple of months, I have lots of book reviews to type up but due to the intensive revising I'm going to have to partake in, in order to get the grades I need for Cambridge, I'm going to be covered and buried in books! However after the 29th May I will be free, from school and exams, and will be embarking on a amazing gap year consisting of..... wait for it...... the first three months...... working in a cafe at my house! Yaaaaaaay! 

Anyways take care everyone and I'll speak to you when I speak to you! (Apologies to any publishers if  reviews for your books are slow going out, I'm under a lot of school pressure!)


Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Sorry guys, quick note to say I'm off to France for a week so no blogs. Mum's rushing me out the door so I can't stay long. I've got a lovely backlog of book reviews for you when I get back..

I'll love ya and leave ya


Monday, 1 April 2013

April Fool's Day

I admit it, I fell foul to the pranks of April Fools Day.... pranked nonetheless by Google! I know! I feel betrayed by the dear creators of Blogger..... anyways back to the story..

Ever heard of the Google Nose? Nope me neither, hence the innate desire to click on this uncharted waters that's concept was so cool! Apparently Google Nose meant you could smell items through your computer, phone etc. I was captivated and entranced. I proceeded to spend around five minutes trying to smell freshly baked bread, diapers, peppermint and others from my laptop screen. Needless to say I couldn't smell anything so I eventually admitted defeat and clicked on the Need Help? button and was told the following

If you are experiencing problems with Google NoseBETA, please note the following:
  • "418: Scent transfer protocol error" indicates system congestion; please try again later.
  • Due to technological constraints, not all smells are compatible with all devices.
  • Refrain from licking or biting your screen.
  • Try upgrading to a modern browser, such as Google Chrome.
  • It is April Fools' Day.

It took me a while to notice the It is April Fools' Day. I felt very stupid but have to concede it was hilarious and Google had done well. It was very funny to watch my dad trying to smell the Beach from my dear laptop...

Tehehehe, I think it must be one of the first April Fools I've falled for!

Love it! <3

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