Sunday, 14 April 2013

Back and Better than Ever

Back from France, a relatively relaxing week containing lots of girly chats with my best friend, a lot of walking, a lot of food, and some pretty fit boys! What more could a girl want?

We went to Bretagne to visit my best friend because otherwise I wouldn't have seen her till summer and I couldn't live with that, couldn't cope with school without a break from the biatches at school! It was lovely there and the beaches were massive. See below! I now feel totally replenished and alive and am ready to ride out the last 4 weeks of school hell and then do my exams and leave!
Now school starts tomorrow and I have four weeks until study leave starts and my exams!! Eeek.... not looking forward to that! I'm going to take this opportunity to apologise in advance for my lack of blogging over this next couple of months, I have lots of book reviews to type up but due to the intensive revising I'm going to have to partake in, in order to get the grades I need for Cambridge, I'm going to be covered and buried in books! However after the 29th May I will be free, from school and exams, and will be embarking on a amazing gap year consisting of..... wait for it...... the first three months...... working in a cafe at my house! Yaaaaaaay! 

Anyways take care everyone and I'll speak to you when I speak to you! (Apologies to any publishers if  reviews for your books are slow going out, I'm under a lot of school pressure!)



  1. You went to France?! Way jealous. And thanks for the comment by the way, :)

    1. Well it's only a trip across the stream for us, for you it'd be more of a trip across a lake! That's alright, I'm really enjoying your blog :) I was going to comment on another of your posts but then I was like, naw better not, don't want to appear a creep! But yeah, I really like it!


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