Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Je suis arrivee en France!

Yes, I'm here! I have arrived in France - at half 11 this morning after a 6 o'clock start to get to the airport etc. I am completely exhausted and sitting on my bed, but not before I toured the surrounding neighbourhood with my mother's lovely friend and started to settle in. Who knew flying sucked the energy out of you so much??

Well I had a largely uneventful journey; apart from when my bag was searched by security as they believed I had a bomb in it! Apparently soap and torches shouldn't go next to each other! Woopsie!

I am currently in the beautiful region of Chantilly and I was able to visit the amazing Chantilly Chateau - though we didn't go in as I think I will be doing that this Thursday on my own...... I'm determined to visit the Living Museum of the Horses again (I went when I was very little with my mum and dad!)

Feeling a little homesick but I have brought my cuddly donkey as some-one's blog about ways to cope with homesickness (Yupp, I looked it up, Go Figure!) suggested having something cute and cuddly always make things better when you're down!..... However as I wasn't sure Donkey, as he smells of dog saliva (the puppy won't leave him alone) would make everything better I also bought 3 huge bars of Cadbury Bubbly in Customs as it was on a deal that properly didn't save much but I couldn't resist!

Well must dash as I have a review to write otherwise this blog's other purpose of providing excellent smashing reviews might just fade away and that wouldn't be fair to the world! Also I need to go read up on Paris as I'm meant to be visiting there tomorrow!!! Jelly aren't you??? ;)

Love to y'all
A Bientot!
La petite ecossaise en France!


  1. Jealous! Keep letting us grounded earthlings know how it is in the sunny land of France!

  2. eeeek! You're across the channel now! Whose going to get hot chocolate with me, and eat pain au chocolat whilst pretending to be in France??? Traitor! Miss you tonnes <3


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