Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Catch up!

So what y'all been up to? Me? Not much at all. Just been organising my gap year whilst all my friends bugger off to university this year.... right now - I admit it - I'm a wee bit jealous. They're off making friends, partying, joining clubs whilst I, well whilst, I clean dishes. But I'll get to do it next year - it's unlikely there will be a comet hit Edinburgh while I'm away - touch wood! But as of the 24th September I will be situee in France - woop!

I'm off to a horse stud farm in Burgundy - epic - for almost three months...... and I've forgotten most of my French.... oops! So if my posts become few and far between; know I love you all and will give you an in depth catch up when I come home in December! I have stocked my Kindle up with the full Harry Potter series in order to tide me over my estranged months!

Speaking of Kindle, I am now an advocate. I love my Kindle so much! It's so easy to read of it, yeah it hasn't the same aesthetic feeling of a real book or the smell but it does the job and is nice and modest about it. I LOVE IT! Also saved so much room in my suitcase!

Also I  have promised my brother's best friend I would attach a link to his website, Young Perspective, which seems to be a pretty cool set-up of young aspiring journalists blogging and writing as a group under a pretty snazzy paper,  so cruise on by, take a peek, you could always sign up to contribute - why the heck not!
Do it, you know you want to! Cruise over for a sneak look.

Anyways I'm offski, the Kitten is having kittens and I feel a need to watch kittens be born in gooey gunk - not really but Mum's shouting for me (I don't think I've ever heard my Mums 'quiet' tones!)

Love ya


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