Wednesday, 16 January 2013


I feel shi*e. I hate colds, flus, runny noses, sore heads, aching tummys, runs, agonizing throats, shivering, boiling.... all those symptoms that leave you feeling crap and unable to do anything!

Not to mention my day in school wasn't great..

I dislike people who get off from being nasty to and about other people.
I was once a little scared of this girl but now when I think about her I just kinda pity her...Some people are just so depressing and they just won't ever give anyone a break..... I think they think its cool to be so down on the world, shooting everything down in flames so they'd spiral slowly down fluttering limply as they evilly grin at them..... they  are not nice chicks (and they usually are chicks). But you know that way, when even when somethings bad or going wrong, you'll just shoulder it and get on with it, grin and bare it, smile and wave, moan a little but ultimately do it, they just can't do that and for that I feel sorry for them. It must be extremely depressing to go around thinking everyone's getting at you, or is beneath you, or isn't worth your time, or just that the world isn't great. I mean I have crap days but at least I know there'll be a good day around the corner sometime. It's called optimism and well, they need to get a bit of it.

Some people just are meant to be moaners, some are meant to be martyrs and others the mediums, the averages, the normals, I fall into that category I'll have a good moan but I'll do it but I won't do it without a moan! Grasped it?!?

Anyways back to the ill rant, yes I really hate colds and flus and everything else I listed but I'm also always slightly happy to be ill 'cos I know when I get better I'll appreciate it more. No? I mean, it'd be great if I didn't have to get ill to appreciate being well but I do 'cos I'm human and we don't appreciate what we've got till we lose it...... I know very profound for 20 to 10 at night but ach well, we have to be profound sometime!

I'll get a review up tomorrow I think, it's called Fated and it's by Alyson Noel and it was D E Lish....! Ya'll love it!

Bonne Nuit

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