Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Chips & Sims

Two things to talk about..... Chips & Sims - case you didn't bother to read the title

So the chippie re-opened today in the town after being closed for New Year..... grrrrrrr.... and I just had to have some chips for lunch.... and a smoked sausage....  yummmee :D the salt on my lips, the warm chips, the crunchy smokey sausage.... it was fatty unhealty food heaven.... I think the first mouthful gave me a food orgasm... it was so sweet and I'd missed them so much..... Don't get me wrong I'm not a total chipholic or a binger but I love chips, and the fact they weren't available made me want them more!! My friend had chips too but couldn't finish them...the sadness in my brain as I watched those delectable little niblets chucked away.... well it wasn't as great as I'd have thought... the hold chips have over me is obviously slowly leaving me..... I no longer feel the need to fight seagulls over dropped chips ;)

So I was at my friends house the other day and she has Sims 3..... I'm officially addicted - it's so cool :D getting to control these little people, make them have great lives, horrid lives, okay lives, (really, it's like owning a stud.... I know crude but you can't really describe it much simpler). I'm hoping to get Sims 2 for my birthday on Sunday.... I don't think I can live that long.... I might have to assault my family and friends to get it off them earlier.... claim it's necessary for my survival or something :P

Ach well that's my day......... Sims and Chips have been floating around in my head all day.... Yummee and Coool :D :P
Have a good day!

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