Monday, 14 January 2013

Biology - The Wonderful World of

Ooh, the joys of biology, I mean who isn't riveted by the world of lipids - I mean listen to this - 'Steroids have a completely different structure to the other lipids. They are based on a four-ring structure (this is in bold because its VERY important) of 17 Carbons. (ooooh no! Not the 17 Carbons scandalous!) Varying side chains attached to this structure give different steroids. Many steroids play a role in cell signalling as hormones; they are hydrophobic (water-loving oh the sexy things!) molecules so they are able to diffuse across membranes and bind to receptors inside cells' - Now isn't that just amazing, so intellectual, so intriguing..... so freaking boring it makes me almost slightly suicidal! I mean sometimes I get really into Biology and I enjoy it but other times the years it puts on me is ridiculous!

Maybe when I finish Advanced Higher Biology and hopefully get my A I will make a annotated version of the textbook with teenage friendly comments.... maybe such as above! What do you think?? I think I'd enjoy it more!

Anyways back onto exciting happy news I want to share with you all - I received another conditional today, that's three from universities though they're all in England and all asking for either 3 or 2 A's at Advanced Higher (Slightly higher than A-levels for all you English Students) It makes me feel good whenever I receive one - can't wait to leave my school and go to university!!!! Yayyyy! Yayyy! Yayyy!
I got my school leaver's hoodie yesterday.... it holds my self-appointed and unfortunately adopted nickname Pipsqueak due to my very small stature... It's bottle green (I know it sounds hideous but it's actually quite a striking colour! Very flattering I don't look like I have any fat at all in it!)

Also just to give you a little teaser to keep you ticking over, after trawling through many blogs it seems give-away book competition/thingies are very popular and I just happen to have a book, very good, that I have got two copies of.... One from a publisher which I will keep because it's not for me to give away really and one from a cousin..... Heard of 'I'd tell you I love you but then I'd have to kill you'... Nope? Where have you been?!? It's rather amazing! A review should be forthcoming, I might have to limit the give-away to just the UK I'm already having to prepare for my soon coming student poor pocket! Depends on the interest from my lovely over the water listeners!

I better head, my mum has just come through looking pathetically pleased with herself as she has managed to make a birthday card for my brother which tracks his progress from fat blobby chubby 10 year old to now, annoyingly good looking, 14 year old boy..... who manages to look older than his age... something I can't do -  I got ID'd today for buying a lottery ticket!



  1. Carbons are so boring! Whats your worst subject you had to do at school - mine was maths!

    1. Oh God ICT was my worst - I didn't really like the teacher and didn't find it very challenging.... I'm a bit of a nerd I like the pretty academical subjects.. I struggled in Chemistry! Hence the hatred of the resurrection of Carbons in Biology!


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