Sunday, 30 December 2012

Here goes!


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    1. 7 - No not at all! I don't really like them - I mean I'm all for people getting them if they want them but I wouldn't want to.... I mean what if you ended up hating it - you've got this thing on you forever really!
      18 - hmmm, I can be really annoying... sometimes I just get over excited and can end up not knowing when to stop!
      41 - PAAANCAKES! with lemon and sugar... though I'm pretty sure they tasted of sausages a little as my brother had used the pan just before me!

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    1. hmmmm.... Hey anonymous!
      15 - you gave me a massage! I love massages, and right now my arm is sore from reeling!
      16 - I really miss my best friend - she's not gone yet but she's off for a couple of months travelling and I can't get over it! I'm going to miss her so much that I've already started!
      29 - I hate some of the people at school, the popular biatches and the sheep who from their minions!

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    1. Hello Second Anonymous!
      12 - shy goodlooking guys - what isn't hot about a guy whose shy about being hot!
      38 - Phish Food, love Ben and Jerry's :D X

      Any one else?? :)


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