Saturday, 15 December 2012


Mornings at the Weekends

Grrrr..... you set your alarm for quite early (so unfair on a weekend morning) and you subconsciously wake up halfway through the night and turn it off resulting in a 3 hour lie in over when you were meant to get up:

Result: Smug body, angry parents, grumpy person who has extra work to catch up, excited dog that thinks greeting you equals a punch in the stomach!

However one way to resurrect this disaster is PANCAKES......... mmmmm yummy pancakes slathered in lemon juice and sugar :D yummm! though I must say pancakes have a annoying way of making you feel really really full so you can't eat anymore!!! probably a good thing though otherwise I would be eating them all day!

So my Christmas tree is up - caused a lot of hassle this year - we were missing a set of fairy lights so dad refused to let us put tinsel or anything on until we had got the rest of the lights so for like 3 days the poor tree stood there all naked with only some DEAD ANNOYING flashy blue lights! However now its all finished and I've even put some presents under the tree! I love wrapping presents, I even managed to put string on these ones, but I have this annoying habit of pointing out to my respective family and friends which one is theirs because I want them to be excited and to be as desperate as I am for them to open them! I am very impatient, so impatient that I spend days trawling the internet for some custom that would allow me to give presents to people before Christmas to open them so I don't have to wait long to see their delight (hopefully delight!) The closest I've got is Sweden who open their presents on Christmas Eve but that's not really that much closer.....

Oh yeah and guess what - I have been enrolled to direct the village nativity play - this consists of little 5 year old kids bringing parts of the nativity set up while I tell the story of Jesus's birth.. joys! Hark the Herald Angels Sing and all that stuff. However I'm feeling more optimistic about the whole Church thing after reading Halo (see below review) and I'm feeling closer to God already! But humph I still harbor a dream to become Buddhist - they are so cool and calm and collected and believe in believing the best in everyone which I try to do


Now i gotta jet, have a shower which (from my father's jubilant cries) has been fixed, and do some of my work before this evening when Merlin's on...... Merlin is the best! Problem?! Oh and creepy old man my shower room has blinds.... fudge you.....


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