Saturday, 22 December 2012

So cold

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr. It is so cold here in Scotland.... we have a horrible two days of wet ahead of us - no fluffy snow or nice dry crisp frost for us just more and more puddles...... So many puddles.....

I can't take my dog out without us both getting soaked..... and today soaked would have been an understatement.... I had to go looking for 2 of our horses who had apparently got out of their field so off I went..

Venturing across vast mud bogged fields, the sandy plains of our beach, the steep mountainous hill of the next field, the treacherous road with streams of water forging their way down the hilly road........

Only to find the horses hadn't escaped, hadn't made their way across these various places, had not left their field but had instead hidden behind the wall keeping nice and warm and dry...... the farmer had seen two of my aunts pet calves through the misty sheets of rain and assumed they were horses. For 2 hours I had patrolled all the possible fields religiously checking any nooks and crannies for some hide away horses!

I was drenched, sodden to the skin, exhausted, starving and came home....

To find Mum standing at the door, handing me the bird feeders.... 'Fill these up won't you?' And back into the pouring rain I had to go.

What a lovely start to the CHRISTMAS holidays!
Hope you guys are luckier than me and get snow,

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