Saturday, 22 December 2012


Despite my brilliant time yesterday in church, associated with 'Its Christmas!' Calls. I now feel surprisingly unchristmassy so I have resorted to using Spotify for Christmas songs.... so far I have listened to Last Christmas by Wham! Oh dear Tabby! Now it's 'It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas' by Michael Buble..... And I have started to feel far more Christmassy especially with the line 'Mum and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again!) that feels so close to the truth that is already being disclosed in my house.... that I must conclude, according to the sexy voiced Buble, It is Christmas!

I have only been off school for one day - but I don't really like counting Saturdays as holiday days so I've not even been off school for one day - and Mum and Dad are already complaining about me, how I haven't got up yet even though it's 11 (she doesn't believe me that some people stay in bed until 3!), how I've upset my gran by being upset myself about her refusal to allow me to put the fairy lights round the door like I wanted (don't judge me I was tired)! OMG this holiday will be a very long one for my lovely parents if it's already started!

Now we've got Christmas Day by Dido! It's a rather horrible song...... meh! Anyone want any more evidence for my tiredness and why I should be allowed to stay in bed past 11? I wrote onions instead of Saturday in this post because my mum asked me whether I'd rather have caramelised onion pork sausages or pork and apple sausages... I said onion! and my brain obviously decided to try and tell the world! Lucky I checked over huh?

AND if my tiredness didn't need any more added to it I was woken up at half 5 this morning (5.34 to be exact) by a text from one of my friends complaining about having to go to work at this ridiculous hour in the morning, You can imagine I didn't reply but instead fell seething back to sleep to when I woke up examine how amazingly stupid my friend is to think I want to know about the time their getting up - especially if THEY THINK IT'S A RIDICULOUS HOUR - I'm not the one with the incentive to get up - money - or the idiocy to get a job that early! I love them really but c'mon!!!!!!!!!

Anyways I better go eat some breakfast before I snap some-one else's head up.... I'm not always a morning person...... Also we seem to have hit some sort of jazzy number on Spotify 'Julen Varer Laenge' By Peter Bali which I'm convinced isn't even in English!


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