Thursday, 6 December 2012

Off to London

eeeep, this time tomorrow I'll be in London! I've persuaded my cousin to take me ice-skating sometime while I'm there...... this Scottish girl might live in Scotland where the temperature doesn't seem to EVER get above 0 degrees but she's never done any form of winter sports... So me wonders how many times she's going to fall on her butt..... better keep it padded.....I know just what will do the deed...

can you guess?

That's right - deathly delicious doughnuts - now how many do I need to eat to get a good amount of padding...... good thing the co-ops doing 2 packs of 5 doughnuts for £1.20 ;)

Wish me luck, this country girls off to the city, (poor London won't know what's hit her)

Tabby Power!


P.S. I'll miss you all while I'm gone...... maybe when I get back there'll be more 'listeners (followers)' don't want my one follower getting lonely and scared off.....

Otherwise I'm blaming you creepy old man!

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