Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Rants and Tirades (My Day!)

Now we just can't have this more little sub section not having an entry..... I'm a bit apprehensive over changing the title so it's going to have to stay as Rants and Tirades until I figure out if it is a post or whether I'm just changing like the information of it... eek

My day today...... was pretty poor. I have the cold..... don't worry guys you can't catch it over the internet there's no such thing as a cyber cold.... virus yes but not a cold ;) maybe in like 20 years you'll be able to catch one over electronics.... gawd that'd be terrible if you were ill you'd have to be liked locked in a room to stop some poor individual catching your cold just for looking at a message from you..... it wouldn't work though would it...... If it did I wouldn't be able to turn on the telly (google was flashing red lines at me cos id wrote tele due to French ingrained in my lesson so just switched it!) for fear of catching something.... oops i'm drifting again.... I need someone with a spray gun like you get for cats when their doing naughty stuff to spray me when I go off topic.........
Anyways back to my day yeahhh so I was feeling pretty shabby so came home at lunch after glorious double French..... it wasn't too bad actually though je suis terrible at listening!!
Had to abandon this post just now, in case anyone's interested cos my dad had reversed the van into a dead tight place to do gawd know's what ..... guess it must be to do with loading something.... and I had to go move a metal bucket.... that is the most riveting thing that's happened so far....

But now as I glance at my title I do feel a little rant coming on..... about doughnuts.. with gooey jam and lots of sugar....
man their horrible (my dad loves them so he'd bought some) they saunter in (not literally they can't walk but imagine if they could I bet they'd take over the world.... Only Homer Simpson could come to the rescue and save us all by eating them) tehe super Homer .... aaaanyways *cat spray Tabby cat spray* all yummy and FATTENING! I'm a girl you can't help thinking about these things though as you'll realise at the end of this I can't resist them...... My throat is sore!!! They have scratchy yummy sugar!!! They hurt to eat!!! But gawd their good........ I ate one..... only one! But it hurt and it still tasted good.... surely if something hurts it shouldn't taste good... and that only made me resent it more cos I wanted another one but I knew it'd hurt....... Grrrr evil delicous doughy doughnuts..... that reminds me I want to try an American made doughnut surely they'll be amazing..... i think America's the land of the doughnuts.... I think....

Anyways I'm really writing this to see about this information thing but maybe you'll get a kick out of it if you read it!

Ta Ta for Now


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