Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Missed Me?

Missed me bloggers?

Ahhhh London was amaaazing, the lights are just incredible and I went to Hamleys (Dad insisted!) and I must say... that is too many floors! You got a fudging map to navigate a TOY SHOP! A MAP!


My interview went okayish, its a good thing I have the gift of the gab and talk a lot when I'm nervous otherwise there would have been a dead awkward silence! But I don't know really how it went so I'll have to wait and see......

You know what's dead sad about London? People just don't smile (apart from the many numerous individuals who try and get you to sign up to monthly donations for Shelter... don't ask just smile!) it's such a shame they all look so stressed and bored with life.... sweeping statement i know but it's a shame! I smile all the time, I'm like the Chesire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, cheesy huge smile and they just don't smile back EVER! What's the point in being in such a beautiful city when they don't seem to enjoy it - - - - - I love London, the tube, the lights, (the shops), the food, the people (but only if you get them in a corner and tied down)....
I went ice-skating and fell - a lot..... My bum is blue still and that isn't from the cold..... It was beautiful though and some people were just great at it..... but well I'm not.... But I loved it and will definetly go again but perhaps with a more willing volunteer/partner next time!

I saw The Rise of the Guardians in the cinema when I was there too, yes I like animated films, now Jack Frost is a cutie.... I sure do believe in him! And the Easter Bunny was a bit more of a badass than I'd expected but loved him...... and if you do watch it look out for the Sandman  - he is ridicously cute!

Another review coming up guys - Everneath by Brodi Ashton - My plane book so look out for it!

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