Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Unremembered by Jessica Brody is another sci-fi, action YA novel with a dash of romance thrown in. It follows Seraphina (or Violet as she is known as first) who is found at the site of an aeroplane crash in the middle of the sea, unharmed while everyone else is dead, with no memories at all. The book follows her struggle to regain her memories while trying to figure out who to trust (should she trust the alluring strange boy who tells her not to believe anyone but expects her to trust him?) before its too late.

Brody manages to create a strong girl whose plight you are excited to follow. Although her explanations over Sera's origins are rather vague and a little confusing Brody does spend a good part of the novel setting the scene and introducing Sera to us which personally I enjoy. However I feel the action becomes quite rushed towards the ends and you can be quite overloaded with information towards the end - I had to re-read certain pages to make sure I'd got it right.

Sera is strong, dead smart, and drop-dead gorgeous. She seems to be the epitome of every characteristic  ever desired by any girl or man - i.e. the perfect human. Understandably she is really suspicious of people because she can not place anyone, she doesn't even know what her favourite food is - let alone what sort of people she likes/trusts due to her memory loss. When she meets Zen although her initial reaction is distrust and fear she quickly falls for him and Brody creates a good relationship between the two of them.

Lyzender (Zen)
Zen, to begin with, is a bit weird to be honest. He is really intense and although later on in the book he improves, he isn't the perfect guy, well for me anyway! I wasn't really attracted to him that much but really enjoyed the interactions between him and Sera.

In my opinion, Cody was one of the best minor characters. He was really sarcastic and cutely shy around Sera, who he nicknames the supermodel. He plays a major role in Sera's escape from the bad guys and is, under his uncaring facade, actually quite caring!

This is part of a trilogy....gawd aren't they all! But with the unexpected twist at the end of the book you'll want to keep reading and I'm pretty sure a trilogy will seem to short once you really get into it!! I'm definitely keeping my eyes peeled for the second book.

Now this book isn't out until 14th March 2013 but pre-order it from Amazon at £5.59 and you won't regret it. It, similar to 'Eve and Adam' by Michael Grant and a little like 'Host' by Stephanie Meyer, is a refreshing breath to the generic YA novels and most of you should enjoy it - who doesn't like a little bit of hot romance hidden inside an action thriller! Unremembered is published by MacMillan books and I'd give it a 4 out of 5, good but eh, Zen wasn't lovable enough for me.

Put it down on your Pre-order List now while you remember!


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