Friday, 7 June 2013


OK wipe those smug smiles of your faces... Yes I have discovered working hard in a job is almost more time consuming than school. Every night I am exhausted and can't face bringing myself to turn on my laptop! My poor computer is probably having a heart attack having to deal with this mega session on the laptop tonight! Poor boy! Anyway I've refurbished the blog and it's pages a little, or at least tried to make it a bit easier to navigate!

As you might have noticed I have revamped my labels on my blogs so you can now easily click on the ratings 4 star etc so it should be easier for you all to find the books I thought were the best! I've copied my rating reasons into this post and it's on my contact/review policy page as well: If you're a avid stalkery Tabby follower you might also notice I've changed some of my ratings for the books being a little more cynical and hard! But if you haven't don't worry.... I won't resent you for it...... much!

Skinny by Donna Cooner made me seriously re-think all my ratings for this blog, because it is definitely worth the top mark I can give it perhaps more so than some of the other books that got a 5. I conclude I shall create a new top rating even higher than the 5 and it shall be called the Skinny rate...... (a 5.5 - 6 in technical terms!) So :
The Skinny rating (5.5 - 6) - ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, this book has it all it'll make you laugh, cry and sigh. It's above the books that have got a 5 and is likely to deal with a really big issue or portray a character so completely that you know them inside and out
5 - Fricking awesome! Go get!! One that I would definitely re-read and re-read (for example all 7 Harry Potters are a 5 and are on my re-read shelf and will be FOREVER)
4 - Pretty good. One I'll probably re-read, likely to be one of the books that you really liked but there was one horrible character or annoying part of it. 4's are one's that missed a 5 by an inch but you'll re-read it again, find something new you love and bump it up to a 5.
3 - Good, worth the read but probably out a library. The only time I'd buy a 3 again is if it is part of a series and you feel sure that the rest of them'll go up. I mean a series book could get a 3 because it ended too abruptly and not smoothly enough to allow you to have a break, instead you had to go out and buy the next one straight away, meaning you miss some really important bits because the plot's moving too fast. Often a series '3' books would need a re-read after you've finished the series in order to put it in perspective because you read it too fast first time and missed something important.
2 - A fluffy read, one to waste time, or just pretty unremarkable, very generic, nothing new.......
1 - I'm sorry, a book that in my opinion shouldn't have been published, or just really wasn't for me!

Anyway I am going to get some sleep and then I have some good reviews for you tomorrow!
Hope you're all well! 
Sleep Well!

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