Monday, 26 August 2013

Hands up!

Hands up, I know when I'm caught redhanded......
I am officially a bad blogger..... but I wont feel too guilty as I have been ridiculously busy getting my hectic life into a reasonable less messed up order!
In the past three weeks since I last blogged I have,
- Received my exam results (got 2 A's and a B) so not enough for Cambridge but fingers crossed for a succesful remark in Biology - mind you; think I like Edinburgh more!
- Went to the Oban Summer Ball - forrrmal! Read my analysis of reeling below, give it a big share if it makes you laugh!
- Worked a buttload in the restaurant - we've had some very busy days (damn you english holidays!)
- Attempted to get my horse fit again, has not gone wholly to plan!
- Tried to plan my gap year - France and Canada here I come!
So yeah, just a little hectic!
Anyway some much needed book reviews coming up, have a nice bunch to slowly be filtered on here! But seeing as I describe this blog as a summary of a teenagers life I feel perfectly happy boring you with my lovely life ;)


Reeling is a Scottish phenomena. As my dad says, it is a ancient sport where reelers attempt to incapacitate fellow dancers in a bid to be the last standing when the music stops. The respect that you earn at this difficult feat is incredible - you are praised as a god of dancing for five minutes of respite until the next reel starts and the previous god finds that his/her previous worshippers now view him as competition and he/she finds themself spinning headfirst into the very hard wall within the first few beats of the next reel.

We are fast, furious and deadly - any opportunity to spin a partner into another solid fellow is seized and exploited - we battle fierce motion sickness as we spin spin spin down the line, the girls flirting innocently before, seemingly accidentally,  kneeing the man in his sporran area before skipping away to rejoin their partner where the battle of arm strength continues..... the man struggling under the Scottish womens grasp as their arms are squeezed and their blood begins to boil before luckily the said women skips away to flirt with the next man before, if she is talented enough, performing a sly kick in the groin. These few minutes of freedom should be wonderful for the now free man but unfortunately traditional reeling rules require him to dance with a free female leaving him open to attacks from said woman in his private parts..... who ever said Scotland wasn't a feminist country....
I feel for any untrained dancers attempting to show their enthusiasm and interest in learning a culture.... reeling is not the way to go,

If you ever see a reeler, especially female, they will be bedecked in kilts for the men and full ballgowns for the ladies but DO NOT be fooled. The women attach pins and knives to their thighs... the men hide daggers in their socks, these people are armed to their sparkling teeth ready to attack any unfortunate person who feels that these 'posh poncy' people are ripe for the mugging.

To me Scottish reeling is an art but to others, I suppose, it is a deadly sport where you are unlikely to leave the hall not sporting an injury of kind, I must concede that it is unusual not to see the crowd falling out the hall cradling bruised crushed arms, limping quickly away from the thrall and generally making a lot of groans and moans.

Reeling is amazing but take part on your own head.... it will definitely receive a couple of bangs and hits!


  1. WOW. Reeling sounds like the most wonderful thing to participate in EVER. Can I go to Scotland and do this? Or maybe I'll try to initiate some reeling the next time I dance anywhere.

    Amber @ My Bookshelf Is Hungry

    1. Haha Amber it is ridiculously good but also very lethal. I know in England, in London they have reel clubs but if you're from across the pond I have no idea!! It's a good laugh, have a wee search on YouTube!


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