Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Lego Movie

Here I was, finally rediscovering my passion for blogging, prepared to write a whole speech about how I'm now 18, far more mature, embracing the new order of adult life. But instead I find myself dying to tell you about the hilarious, uplifting, cheerful film phenomenon The Lego Movie. Find below the amazing song that is strung throughout the movie, and is one of those horrifically annoyingly catchy songs that you can't help loving  but hating in equal measures.

OK unfortunately this isn't the sequence from the actual movie but it gives you an idea. I didn't want to go and see The Lego Movie, I thought it was bound to be a childish couple of hours worth of shameless Lego promoting drivel. Which it was... but it was also fricking awesome! It is one of those films marketed towards children but that adults drag their children along to on the pretense of a movie night out for the children, but really it's only the adults who get all the snide jokes, and play on words. The children are just distracted by the bright colours, catchy songs and multiple explosions!

It's worth the watch and I'm looking forward to it coming out on DVD..... under the pretense of watching it with my tiny cousins of course!! 

So Hello World, Just This Teenager's back and as immature, fun loving, and generally awesome, as EVER!


  1. Hey, I do book reviews and stuff too! maybe we could be blog buddies?
    mind following me via GFC? ill follow back

  2. I too watched Lego Movie!! I loved it ahaha all my friends call me Wild Style now... I think I'm more like the 1980's space guy.

    Visit my blog, too! http://thebitchslife.blogspot.com


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