Sunday, 18 May 2014

Life as I know it..... in this moment of time

Hello dear people,

I am home, snug with my laptop, lying on my sofa, rain battering at the window (in fierce denial that it's actually SUMMER), watching Four Rooms. And it strikes me..

a) i'm being completely lazy not bothering to write on my blog to all you dear people

b) my feet are uneven sizes, but that's by the by

c) rich dealers tend to be overweight

d) i'm extremely lucky


e) when i do eventually start blogging, inevitably starting a list that's actually incredibly difficult to think of things to put in a  list once you've started

Well I hope you're all well and that you enjoy my forthcoming review of my book of the year so far (Seraphina) and that I'll speak to you all soon!

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