Monday, 25 February 2013

Bouncers.... in Tesco?!?!?

Yeah so I bet you guys are all sort of going wtf?! (water the flowers.... of course... any investigating parents)....

I was like that too! So I was at my friends school for my history class and I went out for lunch with her... being teenagers the obvious unhealthy and relatively cheap choice was Tesco's for crisps and chocolate and Pepsi.... I know I know not the ideal diet! We came round the corner and there was a bit of a backlog of kids from the doors and I just sort of thought whatever it's just kids hanging out waiting for their friends. SO I made to go past them and my friend grabbed me by the shoulder, quite roughly I must add, and hissed 'That this is a queue you eejit (I am censoring the word she used) we need to wait here'. And sure enough I noticed the evils I was getting from some of the kids....At the top of the queue was a check out girl manning the doors preventing the crowds of kids from going in but allowing normal customers to go in freely. The kids meanwhile had to be counted in meaning there was only a certain amount of kids in the shop at once.....When we finally got to the door my friend whispered that this was the nice bouncer..... I was all YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE BOUNCER?!?!?!? IT's BLOODY TESCO! Well I suppose I wouldn't want to have to man the door every lunchtime it's probably best to take it in turns... It's probably the duty no-one wants to do and the Tesco staff would rather, say, clean the toilets after a bus load of old people had come then be a bouncer on a school lunchtime.....

Anyway I thought I'd share the account of the Tesco bouncers with you, I found it quite funny and bizarre!
Hope y'all had a good weekend and didn't find Monday to strenous!


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