Thursday, 21 February 2013


Heyyy everyone!

I have been mega mega ridiculously horribly amazingly busy!

I have..... I'll deal in episodes....
a) started driving
b) went to a party Saturday night.... and got to know Carlisle very well :P
c) was horrified by the horse meat crisis in UK
d) stalked my friend's potential boyfriend's facebook page as requested so I could agree on his 'sweetness'
e) been told off by my best friend for 'emotionally investing'
f) gone back to school after a very short half term
and lastly
g) took my horsey for my first ride in almost two weeks!


A) Started driving
It was horrifyingly scary! I'd driven once or twice before up my drive.... but this was my first official lesson ever! My instructor took me down a little one track road and had me drive up and down for about half an hour before suddenly instructing me left where I found myself on the main road........Eeeeeek! That was very very scary... especially with huge lorries coming towards me! I must say I was a little glad to get out the car!

B) Partaaaay and Carlisle
So we, my family and I, spent our half term in Carlisle. We were visiting family and friends and we attended a girl who used to go to my school 18th birthday party... to be honest I'd been a bit worried about the idea of a ceilidh in England.... but it worked surprisingly well.... I mean, yeah, the English put a weird little twist on some of the traditional Scottish dances but they were really good fun. The only downside was that 'cos some of the people there weren't used to dancing ceilidh they were sticklers for the instructions... they didn't really vary from the instructions given by the very enthusiastic band members! So the party was great and the girl looked pretty darn amazing.....I was rather jealous! Her dress was pretty amazing and it was nice to see her surrounded by so much family and friends..... again jealous!
Seeing as we were down there for most of the weekend  we got to know Carlisle quite well....... but there isn't much to get to know.... to be fair we were more around Penrith area which I suppose is smaller... We did visit one cool ancient site called Arthur's Round Table which got me very excited as I thought it was to do with King Arthur (despite the fact he was almost certainly situated in Wales!) but it was just a snazzy stone age/bronze age meeting place! We also visited some of the lakes in the famous Lake District though this visit was a little dampened by the fact we had to listen to the Arsenal v Blackburn game on the Radio.... not a good result for us, may I hasten to add!

C) The horrific horse meat crisis.....
Bas*ards Bas*ards..... Poor Horses!!!!!!!! Grrrrr! I am very annoyed and passionate about this subject.... it's not that I'm against eating horses I'm against the conditions in which the horses are transported to slaughter houses and how they are treated..... especially the horses that have ended up in these beef burgers and beef lasagnes as their welfare won't have been monitored as they weren't meant to be in them! The investigators keep going on about how it's dreadful that they were mislabeled etc which it is but the conditions of the horses needs to be investigated and sorted out as well.... My solution we close all the food companies who produced the mislabeled food and the abattoirs who slaughtered the horses..... simples!

D) Facebook stalking
Now who can honestly say they haven't used Facebook for a bit of harmless, or obsessive, stalking! I was employed by my friend to do a little bit of stalking on this guy she has a crush on. Mainly because, as girls like to, they want approval from their friends..... I happily complied and proceeded to stalk him..... Stalk I must say is a bit of a exaggeration I merely extensively viewed his available photos and tried to discern whether he was a psycho, had any psycho ex-girlfriends who might harsh on my friend, and basically whether he was good enough for her.... The verdict: 1) he's not classically good looking so that means he's unlikely to be vain, lusted after by loads of potentially thieving girls, or shallow. 2) he seems sweet 3) he goes to a relatively posh school..... anything that'll get my friend out the sh*thole drain our school is! So yeah I like him and I've given her the go-ahead!

E) Emotionally Investing
So my best friend has accused me of emotionally investing in a friendship that she thinks is bound to be tricky....... apparently being friends with a guy almost instantaneously means you a) fancy him b) just want to get in his pants or c) are too in 'love' with him to be able to see the potentially disastrous results of the relationship! I think she thinks its unhealthy to develop friendships through electronic devices.... for instance I met this guy and saw him two days in a row, a couple of weeks ago, at a school event and we got on really well.... so we made friends on Facebook and started texting.... but it's all only friendly, there's a bit of flirting but only casually.... if you get my drift.... and I feel he's the sort of guy that if I met up with him again we'd just get on as well as we did before and have some good banter..... So my darling best friend if you're reading this I love you but I don't believe I'm dangerously investing my emotions in this friendship.

F) Half term - and back
Half term was NOT long enough.... 3 days off does not sufficiently recharge my batteries Scottish Education System, change it immediately I Tabitha James demand it of you! Also because my bestest friend was leaving this week for France I spent all the half term I had that wasn't in Carlisle with her so by the time it was time to go back to school I was absolutely exhausted after two nights spent watching DVDs, gossiping, being told off for 'emotionally investing', and playing intense intellectual games of Bananagrams.

G) Riding my gorgeous horsey
So I went out on my horse today for the first time in two weeks at least! It was so worth it - yeah, she was a little mental but that always makes it a bit more fun! :P

So that's my update for you all..... hope you can have a little giggle at some of my escapades..... it's definitely one of my longest posts yet! I'm off to make a yummy hot chocolate, topped with marshmallows and cream, probably a million calories but heck I'm not counting!

Fingers Aching Scottish Lass Out!

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