Thursday, 14 February 2013

Depression comes in small doses....

Right guys, who can honestly say they haven't had one of the those days when small things just gradually get at you, building up until you feel totally depressed!
 So obviously I'm having one of those days/periods...... lets list the factors culminating in my downfall which has left me drinking hot chocolate by the pint and watching comfort harry potter :P

- two of my best friends are leaving back home for France (I've had them for two months while they tidied up stuff in Scotland but they're off next week.... I'm missing them already like a hole in my heart!)
- my head is aching like mad
- Freddo bars are now 20 fricking pence
- it is extremely expensive to visit France
- I'm off for a weekend away which is sure to be lovely but it means I miss their last weekend here....
- the weather is crawful....

Anyway so Harry Potter is saving my backside though I do think I've chosen one of the more depressing ones to watch (Order of the Phoenix) but I love Dolores Umbridge, the biatch, and I love Dumbledore's Army!

Well, I've got a few reviews to get up so they should be up as long as Harry Potter doesn't distract me too much.....

Oooooh I hate Lucius Malfoy..... grrrr!

Sorry for neglecting you'se all again!
Tabs X

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